Police issuing official warnings for riding on footpath at The Hub, Newtown











Beware my sister was issued with an 'official' warning for riding on the pedestrianised area of The Hub in Newtown this morning. Now this is a popular and safe way to get from or to Bedford St from Wilson St or Australia St for cyclists and really should become a shared path, especially given there are a row of bike racks smack bang in the middle and it is a large and wide area.

Apparently pedestrians are being ‘hit.’ Though I have seen cyclists be less than overly careful around people here I don’t regularly see dangerous behaviour but perhaps those of us travelling in this section can be extra mindful of not scaring anyone into making an over exaggerated complaint to the authorities resulting in police being stationed at The Hub to ‘warn’ cyclists coming through!


(The fact that my sister arrived to her work and found a pedestrian had been hit by a van put things in perspective).

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the hyperbole I refered to is-he said cyclists hit many people.

I've cycled through that area thousands of times, occasionally even saying hello to sarge and winking while riding helmetless.

He's always returned the smile.

If you get a young up tight rookie who doesn't like cyclists try quoting...

The council adopted the Cycle Strategy and Action Plan 2007-2017 in April 2007.  It included a line saying that they would make all plazas and parks bike friendly.  Over time they've been going through and removing the "no riding of bicycles" from all the signs to bring this about, but signage replacement happens slowly. The council, by resolution, has made them shared.

Not 100% sure if they adopted the same plan as the cos but that'll do.


Thats a lot to memorize. Might need a flash card.

The main trouble spot is actually to the left of the streetview pic in the original post. Outside the medical centre the footpath is quite narrow. See this pic:

The gap between the light pole and the wall is pretty narrow. I have been hit by a cyclist whilst walking through there plus had a few near misses, and I have also seen it happen a number of times to other people. It would not be a problem if the cyclists slowed down to walking pace, but there is always that 1% who don't want to slow down, come flying round a blind corner into a tight squeeze and collide with someone. When I was hit by the bike I was carrying a baby in a baby carrier and was nearly knocked off my feet. The guy didn't even apologize, just got his feet back on the pedals and took off.

I'm sure Doddsy et al have cycled safely through there a million times, God knows I have, but there will always be the dickheads who cause problems for the rest of us. If they are in such a hurry, why not be an adult and ride on the road?


Yes this is why I posted - a reminder to be extra careful in case there are people around who have a particular bee in their bonnet about it and of course so as not to actually hurt anyone. These warnings were prob just the police acting on a complaint as they weren't actually fining people but it would be a shame if the situation escalated.

I am very cautious about this part of the path - even stopping to the side if it looks like there isn't enough room or someone looks worried about you approaching. They did at least take that bin out after a couple of weeks that narrowed the section even further.

(By the way Mark - I have seen you on Wilson St with your lovely cargo bike - a colleague at work spotted your photo on here to one day and said she knew you - Annette? I will wave next time:)


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