Saw this in the SMH of 05/07/16 along with some other stuff for motorcycle riders and drunk drivers following the tragic accident at Tomago where 2 young men were killed in their car.

"Pedestrians need to take extra care by crossing in a designated or controlled crossing area, be able to be seen by other road users, not be distracted by portable music or a phone, and not misjudge oncoming traffic."

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I can see the sense in the statements, but none the less it irks me.

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I'm not sure what the NSW Police can do...

They tried to beg and plead with motorists to stop killing themselves and other people but that plea fell on deaf ears.

There is nothing progressive about NSW Police so I don't imagine they will think outside the box on road safety... so here we are!

That's my positive thoughts for the day! lol


"The vehicle was either travelling too fast or something has happened to make that vehicle lose control and hit that power pole," Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, of the Traffic and Highway Patrol, said on Monday

I'm usually in agreement when it comes to the way Police report incidents to the media with a minimum of detail, eg "a man was found deceased and a 45 yr old man is assisting with inquiries", but here he's blaming the vehicle rather than the driver. After it slid 85 meters on it's side. And then snapped a power pole.

Yeah I read the whole pedestrian thing and had to laugh.  NSW police eh.

85m slide is probably possible for a car on its side from 100km/hr-ish speeds, coefficients of friction for cars on their sides and roofs are very variable but can be pretty low.  The car ultimately wound up on the inside of the curve when it hit the pole, which it can't really do at very high speed, hence the slightly puzzled plod.  The something that happened will probably turn out to be touching the gravel on the outside of the curve and getting crossed up, in a high rider that isn't stable crossed up at 100.  Could even be a tire failure.

"Pedestrians need to take extra care by crossing in a designated or controlled crossing area" - great, and what if there isn't one?

QLD says it better, even though they also don't seem to allow for pedestrians having the cheek to cross an ordinary stretch of road:

"When driving or riding in Queensland, you must:

  • give way to pedestrians using children’s, pedestrian or marked foot crossings
  • give way to pedestrians crossing a road you’re turning into
  • give way to pedestrians in a shared zone or slip lane
  • travel at a speed allowing you to stop safely at a crossing if needed
  • prepare to stop if you see another vehicle or bicycle stop, or slow down near a crossing.

You should also take care to:

  • travel carefully in areas with children—such as schools and playgrounds
  • allow more time for a person with a disability, or a senior pedestrian to cross the road
  • reduce your speed at night around entertainment venues where people gather."


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