Police need assistance to identify cyclist killed in hit and run

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Police are appealing for public assistance to identify a cyclist who died after being struck by a vehicle in the State’s Illawarra region this morning.

About 9am a man was riding a bicycle along Marshall Mount Road at Yallah when he was struck by a vehicle, which failed to stop.

As a result the cyclist died at the scene.

Police located the vehicle a short time later. The driver, a Dapto man, is assisting police with their inquiries at Port Kembla Police Station.

Investigators are appealing for public assistance to identify the deceased cyclist.

He is described as white/European in appearance, athletic build and aged in his early 30s. He was wearing a blue cycling shirt with white parts, black cycling shorts with blue and white stripes and a red helmet with white air holes.

The man was riding a black, red and white coloured Pinarello FT8 Carbon bike.

Anyone with information about the incident or the man’s identity is urged to contact Warilla Police Station on 4295 2699 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

A report will be prepared for the information of the Coroner.
very sad..

reminds me of a thread I was reading on another forum. "What ID do you carry?"

Always carry a licence or something people.. at least if you get cleaned up by some idiot in a car, maybe the Ambo's can help that little faster, and loved ones can be notified.
Is road collision still consider a 'accident'?

Hit and run, clearly thats what assassin do :)
Use to ride my motorbike from kiama to Unanderra via that road. It was a slow bike - and I was on my L's.
Amazing that this happened - it's a open clear road.
The driver must have been drunk or something. --10 years jail time for manslaughter -- ?
17 yo juvenile unlicensed driver. The children's court in Parramatta will not likely to hand down excess punishment.

As for being an open clear road. What's 17 yo most likely to be doing these days? SMSing?
"The 17-year-old male allegedly drove off after his vehicle hit the cyclist on Marshall Mount Rd about 9am, causing the 39-year-old Kiama rider to come off his bike into a grass verge.
The cyclist died at the scene as a result of his injuries.
He was charged with dangerous driving occasioning death, failing to stop after an accident causing death and being an unlicensed driver.
He was refused bail in Parramatta Children's Court this morning."
Sorry but this guy should get 25 years.... Unlicensed and failed to stop.

Minimum 25 years.... If I was dealing out the punishment.
That just won't happen. 25 years being housed and fed by public money does nothing for the society. There are far better options that'll benefit the society, educate the offender and dealing out sufficient punishments. But of course, most people just want out of sight, out of mind solution.
You are absolutely right.

On road bunch rides, I have seen riders suddenly jump out of their bunch, into the next lane. In one case, a rider supposedly hit a cat eye without being prepared, She and her bike dramatically flew across 2 lanes of highway to crash into the grassy median section. Luckily there weren't a motor vehicle in sight.
Similar thing happened down here last week on the 5.45am North Road Ride, the bloke concerned is one lucky lucky individual.
I was told by a cyclist down there that the car crashed soon after. Apparently a separate bit of bad driving. He is in custody and I was told he is not being bailed at this time.

So true about carrying ID


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