I saw the police pinging people on Pyrmont Bridge this morning on the pyrmont side but not sure what for.  Someone said it was for running the red light.  I am just curious to know if it was the red bicycle light, If so it would seem a bit pedantic and if that was the case would'nt cyclists be better off not using the bike lane and stay on the road instead to get on the bridge.   Then they can go with the traffic to get on the Bridge when the light turns green, this would be legal right?

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If they pinged pedestrians as well, they would make a fortune.

Yes, they were pinging red light runners, helmetless riders and jaywalking pedestrians. Evidently there's a crackdown going on...

Jaywalking? Seriously? Pathetic, why don't they tackle the motorists who run the red lights at that intersection or down the road at the fishmarkets.

Jaywalking, invented by the motoring industry for your safety and pleasure.

I got booked for jay walking when visiting Adelaide 2 years ago

Focus away!

I picked up two tickets on the way to work this morning. New record.

More at bottom of page here.

I wonder whether proper procedure was followed, and if not whether you might be able to get a complaint up.

see operation Halo in Victoria.  "targeting .. factors behind deaths and serious injuries""cyclists not wearing helmets".  4 cyclists dead already this year but no mention of helmet or lack thereof contributing.  Always sounds like lack of helmet is the cause which we know is not the case.

Why can't AGF demand better infrastructure instead of continuing the helmet thing?  When I'm doing 15kmph on Windsor Road I know what is dangerous, me being on the road not whether I wear foam or not.

Lately I've seen it mentioned when a cyclist is killed and wasn't wearing a helmet.

I don't see it mentioned when they were.

Yes, they were pinging red light runners, helmetless riders and jaywalking pedestrians. Evidently there's a crackdown going on...

I went out to post a letter mid morning. A white police van was waiting in Pitt St just by the Market St T junction. A whole bunch of peds (but not me) jaywalked across Market St through the red. The police did nothing. And one of the jaywalkers was a senior-looking police officer .  Clearly, they are being highly selective.

Police are highly selective every day. Hell, they're highly selective every minute.

Walk a city street and you can see people breaking laws everywhere - j-walking, breaking the speed limit by 1 km/h, stopping 1 cm over the white line, indicating turns for 1 metre less than the required amount etc. Yep, it's all trivial stuff, but sometimes they decide to selectively target some of that trivial stuff.

It's for political reasons and nothing to do with safety or law or order.

I saw a couple of police on bikes riding on the footpath on the west side George St between Margaret and Jamison last week.  Had I known this ridiculousness this morning was going to happen, I would have stopped them and got their badge numbers.  Next time.

You don't expect them to ride on the road do you? It's too dangerous, OHS and all...


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