Police were out stopping cyclists on Sussex St (near the Slip Inn) for riding on the pavement this morning.


Apparently there was a hit and run last week where a cyclist hit a pedestrian, the latter remains in hospital.


It's not uncommon to see cyclists on that section of pavement as it saves having to wait to cross Sussex at the car-centric lights on the junction with King St. 


Not sure what the concensus is on riding on the pavement (apart from the obvious statement that it is illegal).  Myself, I only do it where it is unsafe to ride on the road (maybe 2% of my commute) and always with consideration for and right of way to pedestrians.

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Very good point. Looks like a traffic jam developing at the Slip Inn. Might be possible to drop a ramp down from the King St/PB path to the back of the Aquarium and do Da Munch's route in reverse up to Barrangaroo.

This is what I got sent when I whined (after I'd been hit once and nearly twice) about how wide and sweeping the corner is into Windmill from Dalgety.  Now I'm thinking that 1/2 of that 2000 will be coming down this road from the Harbour Bridge and allowing for a 3 hour spread that's 333 per hour on .... oh wait for it ... a shared path.


And again this arvo, how come these things always happen in conjunction with some tv event.

I went and spoke to constable white on the sw corner to ask if he saw the subaru (had a jews for jesus sign on the side I think) turn right from the inside lane through a red light, and he said no cause he was talking to someone, which is what he is doing from the video. But he then went on to say he did see the cyclist on the nw corner getting booked nearly knock down the other officer, which may of been a bit of a stretch ...

This is my main way home most nights riding from Erskine St to Haymarket. It can be crowded and busy but generally the traffic is OK and respectful. There are far worse streets in Sydney to ride on. And in peak hour the footpaths are crowded. So there is no genuine reason to ride on the footpaths here and yet I would suggest more than half the cyclists I see are on the footpath from Erskine St to the Slip In. And many are in lyrca (I prefer the American term Spandex) riding flat out. There is no reason for this and I would rather see the police here booking cyclist for riding on the footpath than on the cycle paths booking those who are not wearing helmets. 

If there is a traffic jam slow down and take care. If you want to go on the footpath then get off and walk. As we are always saying to car drivers, a taking a few minutes to slow down and take care of fellow road (footpath) users. It will not kill you and we all stay safe and happy.

How can we honestly expect other road users to treat us with respect if we treat pedestrians with total disrespect?

Nah, cyclists arent going to walk. And they do have a reason to be on the footpath if heading for Pyrmont Bridge, which I suppose most are doing, not heading for Haymarket. Better if CoS made an effort to come up with a way to turn right off Sussex at King St. Could provide a waiting area on the eastern footpath just before King and pull the Stop line back so cyclists could cross Sussex without getting in the road of pedestrians or other cyclists coming down King St path- not much room right on that corner. Can do this now, but the driveway just before this has a raised edge, making it awkward to get off Sussex. Maybe just a bit of attention to that would solve half the problem.

I totally agree with the idea above and it would be a great improvement. And in an ideal world it would happen. 

If I am going up King Street, and there is a long row of cars waiting at the lights, I often get off just where you say and walk the bike to the intersection then get back on an ride up King St into the city. It is my alternative route home if the traffic is just too crazy (often is on Friday nights with everyone trying to change lane and find roadside park (on Friday? in the city? some drivers really live in a fantasy!).

But I still stand by my sentiment. If we can't treat pedestrians with respect and care (we are the big scary ones on footpaths) how on earth can expect drivers to treat us with care and respect. It all starts with us, if we can't be reasonable then how can we expect other to be. And if others are being unreasonable, then that does not give us a reason to be unreasonable to others.

Just because the big bully picks on us does not mean we can pick on the smaller kid. 

Yes I live in a fantasy world, with a belief that humans can be kind to each other. I have children, I have to think this way otherwise I would just go and hide in the corner and cry and the inhumanity of it all. 


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