Cute new video by BNV. Makes me feel all warm and cuddly.

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am I your kind of people if I don't wear a helmet when I'm not being a roadie?

Agreed. They need some fine print defining what they consider inclusive to be. 

I think they poo she face helmetless riders, that would be a permananet poo shoe face if they ever go to Europe.

Dunno. Why don't you ask them and report back for the rest of us?

thanks SUS, done.

I'm guessing if we are not with them then we are against them.

I don't know the answer either, but they lobby gubbermint (at various levels), and gubbermint at present has a view on MHL. If they go in with an agenda of overturning MHL, they're not going to win many friends. Their strategy needs to be planned out, and once they establish a working relationship with the various authorities they may be in a better position to bring up MHL. I don't pretend to know this is their strategy or whether they hold a long-term position regarding MHL - or anything else for that matter.

Think about it - if the NRMA came out and said "bikes should be banned from roads with speeds >50km/hr" we'd all arc up. But if they started by saying "we're lobbying for separated faciliticies for bikes on all roads with >50km/hr speed limits so that cyclists are forced to mingle with traffic" we'd probably have a different response.

BNV's position is very clear -

You're SOL robflyte.

and the reply:

Hi Robert,

If you ride a bicycle, you are our kind of people. Please support us as an organisation by becoming a member and we will support you as a cyclist.

If you like to pay fines you are our kind of cyclist. Po Faced.

Part of that better deal for all cyclists - equal fines (to motorists) for massively disproportionate danger.

As a message, it's a good one.

I've never met a peak body or membership organisation that exactly aligns with my views.  Must be too much of an "individual".  :-)

But that doesn't mean I don't join some. My personal calculus is whether I will be better off overall by belonging.  I think they make a good case for joining.

Sorry can't help myself - but it is in reference to BNV's lobbying to increase fines for cyclists (to get respect :rollseyes:)

With You:-

Without You:-


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