Cute new video by BNV. Makes me feel all warm and cuddly.

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BNV does some good stuff - there I said it. Ride2Work, Ride2School, SuperTuesday for example. 

We saw the 10,000 actual signatures get ignored in NSW regarding the Greenway - so some tangible wins would be a far greater impact than this ad. 

Their ad would be FAR more effective if it shows the benefits their 50,000 membership can achieve for their members.

My impression of Bicycle Victoria -- I will never refer to this organisation by any other name -- is that what is important to it is whatever benefits BV as an organisation, while things that would benefit members and ordinary cyclists come a distant last.

Otherwise, why would they support heavier fines on cyclists?

Insufficient organisational democracy, either by design, clique or member non-participation is usually the way that a leadership gets that isolated from member sentiment.

>Otherwise, why would they support heavier fines on cyclists?

Certainly not for helmet ...

Video I think is ok and should attract some new members that is its basic aim

The benefit of groups or organisations are that you can have people with similar ideas,goals and aspirations join together organise , advocate, participate and make a change have some fun..

For me the more groups trying to talk about bike riding in a positive manner how can we go wrong , big numbers of bike riders united scare dumb  politicians into making decisions and the  smarter politicians start to listen and also make positive  changes for bike riders. 

how can we go wrong

Poolio, have you not read the rest of this thread??

Particularly page 2.

Hi Neil 

Yes read page 2 can see what you say, I am just looking at it from my view you may have some more info than I do thanks anyway nice to see different views 

That's not a turd. That's a helmet.

I can see a bit what Pooliothevwgangster is saying. 

And think, if all the like-minded SydCycs joined BNV and got organised, that would surely be a way of causing change?

Might not have to wait too long for a chance as BNNSW can't be too far away, floating in on the vacuum created by another organisation's "melancholy, long, withdrawing roar"*

(*Poetical allusion. Bragging rights for those who know it. No fing Googling, use your brain for once!)

"It is better to have loved and lost...* "?

I have never loved BV.

* That's all my brain can come up with. I have never loved poetry, either.

What about people here do an audit of BNV?  I mean something like - listing all the areas of agreement as well as the areas of disagreement? 

I'm heavily influenced (and indeed, influence) by practice in my field of social assistance where it's much better to work with a client on their strengths than to focus on their deficits.  The evidence base is strongly in favour of helping someone build themselves up rather than trying to overcome their deficits.  I try to extend that outside my professional life.

With BNV, or indeed any advocacy group, it is likely that their voice will have more influence than any of ours singly.  And my guess is that BNV probably has more policies that anyone here agrees with than ones they don't agree with. Of course, it may be that their approach to member input needs improvement - I don't know anything about that or how it happens.

Of course they will target what they actively advocate for - no point in fighting battles that cannot be won that takes so many resources that a bigger impact can't be funded and is lost.  They have limited resources and will have made some calculus about what's worth focusing on.



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