Simple - just let us see a photo of the folding bicycle that you ride.

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Yep, got it in one! There is some tension when the clamp is closed with adjustment in the rod for fine tuning! It is really just a variation on the standard Dahon clamp but the quality is 500% superior to the Dahon. (I have a Dahon too and the adjustment on the clamp cannot be fined tuned because the welding is so sloppy that the extended thread has nowhere to go when you fold the bike - a very quick way to stuff the clamp!! This means there is always rattle in the joint - and I've been too lazy to dismantle everything and grind 1/8th of an inch off the thread end so it would work properly!) And I do love to play with my angle grinder....

I see.  Seems a bit of an over-engineered solution to the problem.  I think I prefer the Brompton approach of having a collet that clamps over the edges of the frame with a simple screw.  I feel that it'd be less likely to suddenly disengage too!  Or, perhaps I just favour the old-school look of it  :-) 


I agree - I think the Brompton clamp is far superior to any other style. It looks and feels sold and has no dinky little plastic locking clips like the various Dahon family of folders. Another reason I'm looking to buy a Brompton.... P6R-X is on the wish list....

Funny thing is that the clamp design that the Brompton uses is at least 40 years old. The Dawes Kingpin was using this exact same design in the 1960's! It isn't over-engineered or flimsy - it's that goldilocks "just-right" design which works.

Here is my Hinge..not really sure whether to name her Helga or Inge:-)

Need I say more?


Hi Marcus,

There are quite a few Aldi folders around; mine is a bit different (see earlier post in this thread) - wish it had come with the nice alloy levers your one has!

Might see you at the Solstice Ride anyway.


Hi Garry,


Thanks:-) Yes, it is a little fun bike and far better suited to my style of riding. As for tomorrow night, I am entirely not sure at this stage but the plan was to bring this one into the city...


Note that Mark has changed the start time for the ride to 6pm (at Taylor Square).

Well finally I have a photo of my little bold Bromette for you to feast your eyes on. Its a 3 gear with rear rack and some pimped up bits like bright green grips and a bell as well as new brake levers. She's been reliably commuting me to work for a few months now - she rocks!!

I like the colour combination.
She's very beautiful....I wait impatiently for one of her siblings to arrive...Ordered 13 weeks ago... I love her colouring! How far is your commute?

I originally planned to go with a 5-speed hub, but it is hard to justify the cost when for only a little more I can get an 8 speed hub. The plan now is to save up extra and get the Shimano 11-speed hub for my Twenty and turn it into a folding tourer. I bought a Dawes Kingpin off ebay which will be getting a SRAM 2-speed Automatix hub and a drum brake front hub for a nearly zero-maintenance bike I can keep at college. My brown Twenty was stolen from the campus one night and I want a bicycle which I can fold and take upstairs with me from now on. What has me especially annoyed is that the stolen Twenty had my broken-in B67 saddle on it!


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