In the last couple of days this site has not been displaying properly when I view it on my mobile. I can only see 2 or 3 discussions and then when viewing a discussion I can only see a couple of posts. Did something change on the site?

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That's not this site Dabba.

I don't see a link on the word "play" in that post. It's your browser or some malware I think.

Everything on this site should be back to normal for people.

Thanks Damian.  Looks like I've got some fiddling to do!

Hey Damien - I've just done a software update on my iPhone and it took me a while to find the 'desktop view' option ('cos the mobile view offered is pretty shite :-). So it's all good now although previously I'd find that, having selected that option, it would keep with that right through a session but now I have to choose 'desktop view' *every* time I go to a new page on the site. Is that part of the options in the new version, sthg you can fix or more to do with my phone...?




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