If you live or ride in Marrickville, show your support for the proposed cycleway on Livingstone Road, which will get a hammering from the community who are worried about parking (even though only 7 houses on the western side have no off-street parking, and overall parking spaces will increase by 33 after added side street angle parking). The proposal is really good, with proper intersections (mostly) and proper separation, on a useful route. Vote "yes" and add any comments you have.


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Done (Livingstone Rd).

Not bad on the whole, but could be wider. Traffic lanes of up to 3.95 m mid block are too wide, buses only say they need 3 to 3.5 m, so why aren't they more generous to cyclists? Or could a bike lane be installed on both sides? Usual problems with making turns and at mercy of RMS at lights at Marrickville Rd etc. Also the design has Bike Lane signs along it when it is actually a bike path, like the CoS bi-dis are considered to be. I detect a little sneakiness in the plan.

Also, network-wise, it needs to be extended (it is probably more of a Regional Route) to connect with Leichhardt somehow, via a link to West St or Crystal St. Something for Innerwest Council to consider now we are all amalgamated.


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