Average speed in Sydney is around 24km/h (during peak hour), but I'm sure that won't stop the haters coming out against it. BTW, why are the haters always the ones in the cars?

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Haha Queenslanders can crawl at 30km/h eh. Be a bit like racing cane toads.

Because a few seconds of your time is more important than someone else's life

This humourless comment is a little over the top.

Unfortunately that's the way it is

By the way I support a 30 kph suburban residential street speed limit.

Considering that many traffic lights are 4 way - meaning that you have to wait 3 times out of 4... the speed between the lights must be rather quick!

A speed limit of 30km/h means that most of the pros on the tour could be booked for speeding for over half of the distance they train. Consider you on a downhill... you want to pay a fine???

Sometimes we have to be careful for what we wish.

It all goes both ways.

I just wish that more motorist had the chance of riding a bike.


In urban areas 30km/h is welcome as a limit applying to everyone including me on a bike.

Downhill, I don't *have* to go faster just because I can. Finding-the-brake is a skill every road user should have!

As an aside, where we get 30 limits, I wonder how cops will go for busting cyclists for speeding given that although their equipment will measure the speed of a bicycle it is neither designed nor certified for the purpose. I know they can just ticket for 'furiously' in NSW, but to date nobody has come up with proofs for that.

Where I am now 30 limits are quite common and I am not aware  of tickets for speeding. Red lights, yes.

One issue that never seems to get discussed is the effect of wide one way streets we have in many of our capital cities.

These are very much pedestrian and cyclist unfriendly.  They supposably increase traffic flow but their actual benefit is in doubt by more modern research.  There is not much use increasing traffic flow if everybody has to take a longer, circuitous route than needed.

I was in Brisbane on the weekend and I added to that traffic by driving in circles a bunch of times.

Double left turn and right turn lanes are definitely dangerous for pedestrians, Brisbane seems to love them in the middle of their CBD!


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