One of the myths about prostate cancer causage as a male, is that you ride a bicycle.  There are some schools of thought that think the rubbing between the bicycle seat and posterior is causitive as the prostate is located not far from your posterior.

Sepember is Prostate Cancer month.  3000 men die from Prostate cancer in Australia every year.  It is young man's disease as well as an old man's disease.  Please undertake to do a PSA test every year once you turn 40. This is just a simple blood test done at the same time as cholesterol.  If this raises red flags either first time or as trend over many years( and yes it is not 100% accurate) further tests can be done to figure out if there are issues or not.  Lots of treatment regimes exist.  Get the cancer early and it will likely save your life.  Don't; it may well kill you, or at the very least long term medical intervention that makes your life difficult.

Common risk factors are

  • as you get older – prostate cancer is mainly diagnosed in men aged 60 – 79
  • if your father or brother has had prostate cancer – your risk is twice that of other men
  • if you have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer, particularly BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations.
  • You are African or of African descent.

While prostate cancer is rare in men under 50, men aged 45–55 are at particular risk of developing significant prostate cancer later in life if their prostate specific antigen (PSA) test results are above the 95th percentile. This means that PSA levels are higher than 95% of men in the same age range.

You may have an inherited gene that increases your risk of prostate cancer if you have:

  • multiple relatives on the same side of the family (either your mother’s or father’s side) with prostate, breast and/or ovarian cancers
  • a male relative under the age of 50 with prostate cancer.

If you are concerned about your family history, call Cancer Council 13 11 20 or talk to your GP about the suitability of PSA testing for you and your family. 

Key point get the PSA test every year once you turn 40 or earlier if high risk factors exist.

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Do you think that you might be able to ride as a stoker on a tandem? I know that a tandem ride offers a lot to those who may not be able to ride otherwise. I no longer have a tandem and am not a Sydneysider, so I wouldn't be able to offer any assistance there. However, there may be others here who can help to get you onto a tandem if you were up to it! 

Late to the thread, but best wishes for a complete, if not speedy, recovery Cogs.

COGS, I am thinking of you as well.  Prostate cancer requires 8 weeks off the bike under my Drs orders.  At this time I am lucky.  Get well

COGS I deleted the give to Prostate bit as that was not my itent in discussio.  Interestingly my urologist had a similar line of thinking in relation to breast cancer.  It gets way more funding as in his view there are many strong advocates.  He showed me a graph comparing breast and prostate and screening and the effect it had on metastizing cancer.  Prostate screening has a major effect, but not breast screening.  Next time I see him I am going to go over that again, as Being the patient I missed a bit of the crucial detail.  Yours in cycling.


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