Last Sunday was the National Tree Planting Day. My daughter suprised me by asking about the ride I was leading with Liverpool BUG and attending The Liverpool Councils tree planting at Maxwells Creek Reserve. She asked about the distance, time, what to wear etc. The last time she rode was on the Christmas hols. wow this is great!

The posted ride was 10Km but all up we did 22Km to and from the meeting place. The only thing she noticed yesterday and today was a mild sore bum. She kept up with the other riders, just a little bit wobbly due to lack of experience/confidance.

I was so proud I had to share it with some like minded cyclists.

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Nice bike.


In the recent school holidays, I took my daughter to work for the one day we couldn't organise anything. She's 7 and a lot. She did 24 km all up, I did a bit more helping her up some hills etc. And yes there was a lot of left, no the other left etc but we did it. Proud is an understatement, I can think of dozen adults who wouldn't contemplate* doing it.

* riding on the road may be their issue but from Annandale to North Sydney we rode on the ped path for;

- 200m fish markets up through pyrmont (could be avoided by using shared path around pirrama to pyrmont bridge but adds a few k's)

- 300m in millers point (which could be avoided by using bike paths through the city, which is how we came home)

- 500m in north sydney

so not a real excuse to not ride if you only really have to get off and walk for 1/2km

That is a pretty good effort. You'd both be welcome on a Bike Leichhardt Easyride.

Footy on Saturday mornings and when I've seen most of the easy rides are on Sunday mornings, swimming - want to do more riding with the kids. One big detractor to the amount of riding Marles does has been moving within walling distance of school, she used to ride to school 3x a week, now it's zero. I can really see the difference in confidence and strength that has made.

Well done Phil I was ready to attend had to choose tree planting " like"  bike riding "you know I like" or Kombi cruise 

Being a hippie I choose the Kombi cruise see you next ride Phil well done on your daughter and the tree greenies

Thanks for the replies

Mark-Thanks, I bought it on Ebay for $90 from a Danish or Dutch couple from Melrose Pk. It's a '94 model Specialised Globe.

Timothy and Da Munch- Yes it was a fantastic day and it can be hard to get the kids inspired or motivated to do the bike riding thing, sometimes they can suprise us.

Bob- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that is not just a one off thing, I think she enjoyed it enough to do it again soon.

Poolio- I know you enjoy getting your hands dirty doing the tree planting thing from 2011 and 2012 tree planting rides. It may be hard to juggle your persuits/passions in a busy life.

Talk about greenies, there was an Animal show at the tree planting. There was a Lizard, a Possum, Turtle, Tawny Frogmouth, Green tree Frog and a huge Diamond Python. This young fellow was engaging the kids and getting them to repeat what he said. One thing he kept on asking them was that planting trees they were providing -what? it starts with H, What is it.... HABITAT.  He had them all interested it was great to watch, He was also funny and told gory details of native animals killed by other animals(domestic). I think the Kids will take something away from the day.




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