....as part of the $3 billion (!) redevelopment of the Quay.

Reported in SMH's "Commercial Real Estate" section on June 9, 2018.

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$1 billion for the bicycle stencil, $1 billion for the paint, $1 billion for the overseeing committee to ensure it get's so far behind schedule that it is scrapped when it finally reaches 50% completion, gets no use, used as an example as to why cycling infrastructure is a waste of time and money.

Probably more like $1B for the consultants to decide on the bike stencil, $2B for the overseeing committee, and the rest, well .........

I think this one will actually happen.

Lendlease wants 6 star rating, so the bike thing is probably linked to that.

Sydney City Council is involved, re new laneways, access, community facility (supposedly) !!. After the 2 sites currently under construction, the rest of the block will all be redeveloped, (other than the new EY building and sub-station). Mirvac own heaps of it. I reckon LendLease, Council, Mirvac  have already done the deal. 

Perhaps "Sydney Cyclist" should be re-named "Sydney Cynicist".

> Lendlease wants 6 star rating

They actually have a" Lendlease – Sustainability Exec" if you delve through and pick up the program from the upcoming Australian Bicycle Summit (you might even see some familiar names)



The Australian Bicycle Summits could be a catalyst for positive change in NSW so Bicycles Network Australia encourage advocates, transportation experts along with ministers, Government staff and attendees to use this opportunity to drive progress.

The Australian Bicycle Summit takes place on Thursday, 21. June at Lendlease Barangaroo. Registration is required. The Cycling Luminaries dinner event will be held on the evening prior in the same location. Further information and registration on We Ride Australia.


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