I commute to work from Kirrawee to Darling Harbour 4 times a week - unfortunately, I am averaging 1 puncture a week (mainly to my back tyre). I don't seem to be able to avoid the small slithers of glass that line the roads from home to work. The tyres on my bike are MAXXIS - DETONATOR 700x28C (original tyres that came with the bike).

Does anyone have a recommendation regarding good quality 700c tyres, inner tube guards, maybe running a lower PSI (I normally pump my tyre to 100PSI) or some other equipment/method to avoid punctures, thanks

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I had heaps of problems with the tyres that came with my bike too.

Now I use Continental Grand Prix or Gator Skin tyres (700x23) at about 100psi and haven't had a puncture for almost 2 years.
I have Michelin lithion tyres and have had maybe 2 punctures in 18months.
Bontrager Race lite Hardcase are by-far the best I've found for wear and puncture resistance.
Continental Gator Skins or tyre liners - Gators are a bit slower but in my experience they are rock solid against stuff like glass - no punctures for me in 2000k's.
Attached might be of interest
an interesting read, but only applies to racing bike tyres. i use the continental GP 4000s on my roadie bike. not a bad tyre, but i've had about 4 punctures in 2000kms.
I had similar experience with the original tyres on my commuter bike. These lasted 1,700 km before I got sick of repairing punctures on the way to work.

After reading other threads on this site I switched to Schwalbe Marathon Plus. They have been on the bike for almost 2,000 km. Not a single puncture. The Marathon Plus are also pretty comfortable as the main puncture resisting feature is an extra layer of rubber (or something) under the tread. A fairly soft ride even with 90-100 psi. The Marathon Plus have a tread rather than being slick so I'm happy riding them in the rain.

I also have got into the habit of inpsecting the tyres on my bike and digging out any glass that has got embedded in the tread. This takes about 5 minutes and I try and do it each weekend.
Bike tyres don't aquaplane until ridiculous speeds. So tread or slick make no difference on paved roads. As a matter of fact, slicks are better as there's more rubber in contact.
Your point is worth repeating Weiyun.

Tread on car tyres is used for water dispersal, you have more grip on the road because the water is being shot out to the sides. Bike tyres are much smaller, and are moving much slower so don't disperse water the same way.

So, a good slick tyre is giving you much more rubber on the road than a knobbly one, and that helps with traction in the wet.

I'm sure Sheldon Brown did a good article about this topic.
"I'm sure Sheldon Brown did a good article about this topic."

That's the sort of quote one could put after stating any bike related info, and probably be right :-)
The other major difference is the tyre pressure.

(Road) bike tyres typically run near 80-120psi. The average car tyre is about 30-35psi.


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