SMH has an article today about new ideas for Pyrmont Bridge. Bike Sydney's David Borella is advocating a new bridge for cyclists, like the Snake bridge in Copenhagen, to Kent or Market St.

a direct elevated  link from the end of Pyrmont Bridge over the freeway to Market St near Clarence St would be great, as was discussed here  a few years ago when the monorail was demolished.

just so long as no one tries to resurrect the A-Maze.

star Casino was advocating for a separate bridge from the wharves north of the casino to Barangaroo, but a bit too far north for commuters. Crown Casino won the Barangaroo tender anyway.

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This could work, but it is a bit divisive, in a couple of ways- too much of this Us and Them.

More of the Us and Them stuff from the Harrold Letters page. 

There was a path over the south side of the flyovers from foot of Bathurst St to Harris St, but they demolished it to fit in Sega World or some long disappeared "attraction", I use to use it regularly when I worked in Bathurst St.

I don't mind the ride across Pyrmont Bridge as much as the narrow squeeze on the shared path link to King Street. That could definitely do with some widening. 

Part of our heritage... Didn't that heritage also include motor vehicle access to Pyrmont bridge?

I'd like to see them stroll and linger on that bridge.

No doubt some "expert" will once again try to channel bikes into lanes or something , using signs and road markings.  I distinctly recall some European research which found that the REMOVAL of signs and road markings resulted in the "randomised" mix being safer for all concerned.

Yes. Hard to avoid weaving around randoms anyway, and I don't think there's much death and injury going on there.

It is so short I don't mind the weaving, although a smidge more than 10km/h is preferred for safe balance and control. Still, there's no speed measurement anyway, and even if there were if weaving the measured linear velocity would be less than the rider speed (cosine error). TN130.pdf

Even then, you've got a cyclist holding up traffic ;)

Well spotted, I looked but didn't see, (as the motorist said to the cyclist). Looks like two cyclists there, over on the right. By the sideways look of the woman in black, the passing car was a bit too close for her.

When it was originally opened as a pedestrian/cyclist thoroughfare they considered having a marked cycle-way but decided against it as they anticipated that pedestrian's would ignore and wander all over it anyway.  That is evident on Iron Cove bay, in particular near where the Apria club use to be, there is a completely separate section with the peds getting the best path and when I've ridden it approx half the peds on the cycle-way

A solution for Pyrmont bridge needs to be well thought out and properly implemented, otherwise we will end up with the same sort of mess I've experienced around Iron Cove bay

the only separated scheme that would work needs to be fenced off or on a different level - al. la harbour bridge.

(and even that doesn't work sometimes).

Be on your guard with any plans for Pyrmont Bridge.  The "traffic study" done for the "Amaze" proposal a few years back was appalingly incompetent.  Consultants engaged to provide information for development proposals will (mostly) tell the proponent what they think he wants to hear!

Duncan Gay didn't do much good anywhere else but he did kill off Amaze, said PB was a transport link first and foremost.

I guess it will come to a crunch when the Bays Precinct development (around the Fishmarket and Blackwattle Bay) puts more people into the area, and no doubt more walkers and cyclists on the bridge. 

An elevated cycling and pedestrian bridge from say Harris at Union St to Clarence on Market would be the ideal, too bad they sold the monorail pylons for scrap. Put Copenhagen to shame!

meanwhile, maybe a laser light peak hour cycleway across the bridge, you try to cross a bell goes off, art gallery style. Would people learn to obey? Any other brilliant ideas? Maybe a developer or architect will take it up.


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