In the news was the approval of a big redevelopment, with conditions, of the site just south of Pyrmont Bridge down to about Druitt St. 

The proposal included demolishing the narrow pedestrian bridge from Market St to Pyrmont Bridge and replacing it with a  bigger wider structure, which sounds great, could have accommodated a cycleway, though very inconvenient while it was being constructed. The demolition has been rejected by the IPC (Independent planning Commission), and the existing bridge is to remain, as far as i can tell. The monorail station will be demolished, which could allow space for a cycleway ramp down to Pyrmont Bridge, but no mention of that.

The Consent says the developer should investigate "cycleway connections via the development  from Market/Kent Sts" (C22 (b) below). What that means is unclear and is poorly written- does Market/Kent mean Market and Kent or Market to Kent?

Does it mean we could eventually see a new  bike connection along Market to Pyrmont Bridge? A bike connection from the Druit St bridge to the Western Distributor over Darling Harbour? Lets hope Sydney Council and TfNSW see the possibilities.

Bicycle parking and facilities
C21. Future Development Application(s) shall include bicycle parking for employees / visitors and end
of trip facilities (toilets, change/locker rooms and showers) in accordance with the Sydney
Development Control Plan 2012 bicycle parking rates and end of trip facilities design
C22. Future Development Application(s) shall, in consultation with TfNSW Sydney Coordination Office
and Council, investigate the provision of cycleway connections via the development between:

a) existing pedestrian/cycle infrastructure on the Western Distributor and the King Street and
Kent/Liverpool Street cycleways
b) Market Street / Kent Street
c) King Street / Kent Street providing for a right turn into Kent Street when travelling from
Pyrmont Bridge.

Retention of the Market Street to Pyrmont Bridge pedestrian bridge and pedestrian route

A6. This consent does not approve the demolition of the existing Market/Sussex Street to Pyrmont
Bridge cable-stayed pedestrian bridge and construction of a temporary pedestrian bridge.
A7. The Market/Sussex Street to Pyrmont Bridge and pedestrian route shall be retained in full and
maintained to ensure uninterrupted east-west pedestrian access between the City and Darling
Harbour/Pyrmont is continued to be provided via this route during and following demolition works.

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