Pyrmont Bridge - Kings St shared path blocked

"The focus for Transport for NSW is clearly set out: the customer, be they a public transport user, a motorist, pedestrian, farmer or importer. The customer needs to be at the centre of every action."

Corner Sussex & King St this morning.

And placed right next to the advertising sign, creating a continuous barrier across one of the busiest pedestrian/bike routes in the CBD.

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Who owns the sign? As in what is it advertising?

It's even reducing the pedestrian flow to one at a time.

This is so f#@%ing typical of the arrogance of the road authorities and their contractors.

Don't just post it here, get active.

CoS and RMS reporting numbers here:

Already done.

just tip the thing off the cycleway

Tempting, but have you ever tried to move one of these heavy b@st@rds of things by yourself, MG?

Also, worry about endangering people using roadway if tipping it there. Not really acceptable option.

So... must get the turkeys who dump these dangerous obstructions to put them in safer locations. Hence, numbers to whinge about them on:

just in case anyone missed the link two posts above.

Exactly what I thought, right into the middle of the road.  For return to work on Tuesday.

Anyone up for some guerrilla work in the easy hours of Tuesday morning?

I complained to both the RMS and CoS this morning but it was still there this afternoon.

That's abysmal.

Since it's a trailer - could the rangers get it ticketed and towed for being illegally parked on the footpath?

move it..... or login and change the sign to "Duncan Gay loves cyclists"

The customer needs to be at the centre of every action.

Well, what's the problem? Taking action to put the sign in this position they couldn't have centred it better for the path-using customers!



Should I put some cardboard plates on my tow car and go in and move it?


I honestly despair for the IQ of some people these days. What intelligent person would think that location is ok? I am just dumbfounded. But at least I am not just plain old dumb.


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