Initially I thought this was a bad idea

Pyrmont Bridge garden plan could separate cyclists and pedestrians

but if it is going to separate the cyclists & pedestrians then maybe it's a good idea, like the SHB.

Although it will be cramped for the pedestrians.

Note: image does not show the cyclists on the northern side.

Drawing visitors to Darling Harbour: The proposed temporary fruit and vegetable garden.

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The image also fails to show the "pedestrian crossings" on the bike side and the pedestrians standing on the bike side taking photos. Or the rangers waving their magic wands at everyone and shouting at them to behave. 

On a more serious note, I'd be interested in seeing it happen. Firstly for the concept itself, secondly to "trial" segregation on the bridge.

The cynic in me says, if I wanted to make conditions worse for humans transiting the bridge, both by foot and wheel, I might install a large structure right in the middle that:

a) reduces available floorspace

b) makes human users have to divert to the parts of the bridge where there are other obstactles such as lamp- and flagpoles

c) block vision

Even if segregated, you know that unaware users are going to walk across the bike lane - I'm thinking of you, tourists, wanting to get a photo of the view from both sides.

This bridge has enough problems of its own, none of which the garden concept solve. And in fact, make it worse. I hope it is designed to be easily and quickly removed, as will be required before the pilot is completed.

I know it's only an artist's impression, but that image above shows the bridge early in the morning during summer. I can't imagine it being this empty in real life at such a time.

And note that all pedestrians illustrated are actually walking contrary to keep-left convention. Sigh.

That's because there are no magic-wand-waving-wardens telling them to do so!

If there is such a convention, which I doubt, very few know about it!

Where do you normally walk on a footpath, Bob?

I don't normally walk anywhere! Only if forced.

In London, all of the tube/railway station escalators have "Keep Right" signs on them and, contrary to their roads, everyone stays on the right.

We push people if they stand in the way.

Bloody crazy idea. One of the busiest shared paths in Sydney and they want to take up nearly 50%* of it.

"I've made it two metres smaller than what the temporary fences were when the monorail was getting pulled down and no one really complained at that time,''- that's because it was temporary and only for short distances not bloody 180m long.

Darling Drive is also stuffed up ATM with no cycling signs having been put up and going through DH ATM is a pain as well with the boat show on ATM. The whole area is farked and this stupid idea is the icing on the cake.

* the bridge is about 15.5m wide minus 2 seats @ ~1m each plus poles etc so effectively ~12m and this is 6m wide. The bridge is ~360m long so this @ 180m will take up 50% of the length as well.

Which should leave about 3 metres for the bike lane (?)

The SHB bike lane is only 2.6 metres wide

They are going to allow ped access to both sides of the bridge so take a meter of that.


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