Initially I thought this was a bad idea

Pyrmont Bridge garden plan could separate cyclists and pedestrians

but if it is going to separate the cyclists & pedestrians then maybe it's a good idea, like the SHB.

Although it will be cramped for the pedestrians.

Note: image does not show the cyclists on the northern side.

Drawing visitors to Darling Harbour: The proposed temporary fruit and vegetable garden.

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CoS has said there will be no dedicated bike lanes down George. My understanding is that it wil be a shared space. Pity, as many cyclists would prefer it as a north south route, maybe not a through route to the harbour bridge but for shorter CBD access trips, like say Goulburn St to Martin Place. Might still be OK, like an extended Pyrmont Bridge, but disappointing we have been somewhat designed out of it. (IMHO)

Hmm in some ways a shared space is good, based on my European experience of trams + bikes + pedestrians.

BUT these are trains. And Sydney's pedestrians take 'special' to a new level.


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