Question : Any good riding options/suggestions around Bathurst and surrounds ?

A couple of mates are planning a getaway in this area.

I had previously sampled Blayney  to Bathurst in 2013  but didn't ride Mount Panorama loop , so that will be on this list .

One ride is probably a modified Bathurst - Blayney - Mt Panorama  

(I'm trying to work that out with same start / end point - Is Mid Western Hwy decent to ride up from Bathurst to Blayney? ) 

But, anyway, that's the limit of my exposure to the area.

Are there other options or suggestions for what could be good for other ride(s)? 

Doesn't have to start at Bathurst as transport would be available although a ride starting/ending at the same spot is pretty much needed.

Starting locations of up to say Orange/Mudgee if there is a strong recommendation!

Ideally distance say in the 60-100 km with scenic views and happy to hear of recommended rest/eat locations! 



Ps: Road bikes will be in use ie no cyclocross/MTB routes please. Thanks


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Cue Bill Parker

"happy to hear of recommended rest/eat locations"


The Agrestic Grocer.

Just the other side of Orange beside the highway to Dubbo. High quality food, coffee and beer.


Nice! my mates will simply have to go based on this review alone ;-)

- and it works nicely with the Orange option that baa baa mentioned.


by the way ; The Agrestic Grocer are fully booked  ; don't go without reservations. 

And their reviews recently has been a riot to read with a service individual. :-) 

Both the mid-western and Mitchell Hwys are a problem (unless you have road closures), they have a fair amount of high speed traffic and trucks and while there are reasonable shoulders every time there is an overtaking lane or a turn lane for the motor vehicles the shoulder disappears, usually completely, just when you need it most, overtaking lanes generally on up slopes so also removes shoulders when needed most, I might be part of the 1% fearless but I would avoid these.

You might get some guidance from the proposed Audax rides for the September Audax Bathurst Biking,  and select NSW and September 2015 (19th & 20th). These routes are actually the 2014 versions and I am told there are improvements pending for this year, basically to remove the Orange-Bathurst Ophir Rd section which is too hilly and substitute a Orange return via Millthorpe largely following the train line. You could do the Ophir Rd to Orange if you didn't mind a few slopes and then come back via Millthorpe, Blayney, Newbridge...would be nice or other way round

You might look at the 19th Feb 2015 Lithgow Panorama which goes from Lithgow to Bathurst and back. (uncheck the "Current Rides Only" checkbox). There are also some around Orange from Oct 2014 but the details aren't online still so I will search fro them.

The Audax calendar might give you some ideas for other western starts as well, Cowra, Parkes, Forbes, are allowed to shorten the rides if you aren't completely crazy yet

good timing with this question and with Baa Baas answer. I'm planning a Penrith-Parkes 400, a Parkes-Lithgow 300 and Lithgow-Penrith 100 which will go nicely with the Parkes and Ride weekend in Parkes. Do a 600 and 200 out there and youv'e covered a super series.

What a way to test out that Lynskey Bill.

This is a draft for the Ben Chifley (Bathurst) 300 which would get you from Bathurst to Canowindra, also the Orange-Millthorpe-Blayney-Newbridge-Bathurst bits for Peter

Starts at Ben's steam train, goes past his house (1914-1951) and follows some train lines he would have driven over in his steam train, I think about it when chugging up a big hill, I think I can, I think I can....


Thanks Bill. 

Ok eliminating Mid-western Hwy.

Key ride  Mt Panorama. Snipping from  Lithgow to Bathurst , I noticed there's a Dam to visit and cutting across O'Connell Road to form the loop.  Gogglemaps in 2010 shows a bit of shoulder most way except for road works near Westham Farmhouse - does that look reasonable ?  That should wear me out, I'll attempt to entrap the other riders to do reloop to do the hill climb TT route while I go for a coffee beer.

Looks good, I would consider Mt Panorama a gratuitous hill and be careful to keep to the limit (60kph) on Conrod straight. You could continue south from Perthville to Georges Plains and Cow "Flat" road and then north on Rockley rd to rejoin the Ryans Lagoon rd, gives you a nice extra climb to 966m on Mt Rockely

Thanks for the reminder of Conrod Straight. Will make sure brake pads /rim are squeaky clean.

and " I would consider Mt Panorama a gratuitous hill...... You could continue south from Perthville to Georges Plains and Cow "Flat" road and then north on Rockley rd to rejoin the Ryans Lagoon rd, gives you a nice extra climb to 966m on Mt Rockely"
The ride north of Orange is a good change, mostly away from town to town major highways so you get the roads to yourself.
The Millthorpe ride is a well used route for the locals so that may be a good run as well. Maybe a combo of the two or even the loop out west to Molong. ( takes in a bit of the Mitchell Highway but this part is pretty safe for bikes and much better than the eastern Orange to Molong parts)

muchas gracias! 

Very nice to see Orange City Council values cyclists enough to create this resource.


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