Question : Any good riding options/suggestions around Bathurst and surrounds ?

A couple of mates are planning a getaway in this area.

I had previously sampled Blayney  to Bathurst in 2013  but didn't ride Mount Panorama loop , so that will be on this list .

One ride is probably a modified Bathurst - Blayney - Mt Panorama  

(I'm trying to work that out with same start / end point - Is Mid Western Hwy decent to ride up from Bathurst to Blayney? ) 

But, anyway, that's the limit of my exposure to the area.

Are there other options or suggestions for what could be good for other ride(s)? 

Doesn't have to start at Bathurst as transport would be available although a ride starting/ending at the same spot is pretty much needed.

Starting locations of up to say Orange/Mudgee if there is a strong recommendation!

Ideally distance say in the 60-100 km with scenic views and happy to hear of recommended rest/eat locations! 



Ps: Road bikes will be in use ie no cyclocross/MTB routes please. Thanks


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Beautiful ride.

Very nice picture, but I'm sure I don't see tarmac under those wheels.

My mates will kill me. (if my legs don't)

dirt is often smoother than asphalt, but it can be a tad loose and rocky around Hill End. Anyway, not as bad as the cobbles in Belgium for the Spring Classics.

Thanks Paul. The Mudgee/Gulgon winery tour might be the go, I've had some nice bottles from that area recently  and have to dig through my records to see which one(s) to visit!

They are all worth visiting and you can spend a few days visiting them all. Pieter Van Gent, Botobolar (great views and good 12-15km ride out of Mudgee), Huntingdon, the Meadery, Mansfield and Robert Stein (where there's a great mortcycle exhibition) are the ones we have always visited and enjoyed... but there's heaps more. Enjoy!!

Rides Bike Leichhardt has done, one or two day rides. Can't believe I've done all these!

Lithgow to Oberon via Tarana (several routes, Sodwalls hill is a killer, so go via Wallerang,Portland and Range Rd or Rydal.)
Bathurst to Oberon to Lithgow.
Bathurst to Lithgow via OConnell or Brewongle and Tarana.
Bathurst to Rockley- good climb up Mt Rockley. Return same way or via Newbridge or Blayney.
Bathurst to Carcoar via Newbridge, Barry and Neville.(!) Return via Millthorpe and Cashens Lane (dirt) to the Ophir Rd- steep dirt descent, or Gt Western Highway to Dunkeld if game.
Bathurst to Sofala, out via Peel, back via Turondale.
Ilford to Bathurst via Sofala.

From Orange ride out to Mt Canobolas and visit the wineries.

Can park cars at Newbridge and go to Orange via Blayney, Guyong Rd, cross highway and take road to Byng* then Icely Rd into Orange. return via Millthorpe and Blayney.

Mudgee area, a 3 dayer from Rylstone to Bylong to Wollar to Mudgee via Munghorn Gap then back to Rylstone.
*Byng- locality, but once a village named after the only British Admiral ever hanged for failure in battle.

Great rides... Lots of coal mining out around what is left of Wollar though. Bylong Valley is amazing

Fortunately it all goes on mile long trains! Descent into Bylong Valley is worth the trip, but I wouldn't go back that way. Bylong Wollar is or was dirt, and very slippery if it rains.

Our more-than-3-dayer finished in Bathurst but took in the Bylong Valley and Wollar (see it before coal mines devour it) and Munghorn Gap on the way to Gulgong and Mudgee.

Munghorn Gap has the distinction of being the lowest crossing of the GDR in NSW (or something like that). It still seemed like a long hard climb on a loaded tandem. I later returned on an unladen carbon fibre racing bike and I wondered what all the fuss had been about, though!

We used to live at Cooyal 26km out of Mudgee on the Wollar Rd near the "bottom" of the Munghorn Gap. Went up and down there a few times back in the 80s and 90s. Beautiful area.


Go the Bunyips! Munghorn was a deceiver, I thought we had reached the top, but after a little level bit up it went again. No time to stop and do one of the walks around there, which was a pity.

I road the Wee Westie last your with a group from CBD. All road bikes though (OK a few CXs but my partner road a Cannondale Evo) but it is recommend that nothing less than 28 tyres as it is about 1/3 gravel and it does get a tad bumpy. Not MTB bumps just nicer on fatter tyres.


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