Question : Any good riding options/suggestions around Bathurst and surrounds ?

A couple of mates are planning a getaway in this area.

I had previously sampled Blayney  to Bathurst in 2013  but didn't ride Mount Panorama loop , so that will be on this list .

One ride is probably a modified Bathurst - Blayney - Mt Panorama  

(I'm trying to work that out with same start / end point - Is Mid Western Hwy decent to ride up from Bathurst to Blayney? ) 

But, anyway, that's the limit of my exposure to the area.

Are there other options or suggestions for what could be good for other ride(s)? 

Doesn't have to start at Bathurst as transport would be available although a ride starting/ending at the same spot is pretty much needed.

Starting locations of up to say Orange/Mudgee if there is a strong recommendation!

Ideally distance say in the 60-100 km with scenic views and happy to hear of recommended rest/eat locations! 



Ps: Road bikes will be in use ie no cyclocross/MTB routes please. Thanks


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To the top, to the top, to the top!!
( but maybe not riding all the way if it is raining as you will more than likely have to push, as it can get slippery, very slippery)

Ummm 23s, again, in the interest of more disclosure I never have less that 28, your friends can then do the single track to Young Man Canobolas

Of course just out of Molong on the "Obley Rd" to Cummnock and Yeoval are the famous Animals on Bikes

Weird. I have done the Dubbo to Molong highway run too many times but never thought of going via Yeoval. Maybe I liked old cake shop in Wellington too much? But then again it could have been the icy cold lemon squashs from the Federal hotel.
Next time. (But someone needs to report on the standards of Yeoval pineapple donuts)

No mention of pineapple donuts, there is a "review" of the Yeoval Pub in a recent Audax Checkpoint, I will scan for you

Billabong takeaway, cafe, post and petrol ph 6846 4146
Bowling club ph 6846 4006
General Store ph 6846 4478
Royal Hotel ph 6846 4003
Gifts and Homewares House cafe ph 6846 4002

They all get pretty high (ph) scores but the pub only manages to outrate the gift shop by one point. ;-)

Thks Bill.
Your reply was enough for me to sell off the house in Sydney and move and buy up in Yeoval.
I am now sure that the big $$ I can pull in from a dedicated pineapple donut shop catering just for bike riders will set me up for the later age lifestyle that we all dream about.

Sunny Corner.
1850s irony at its best.

OK, don't say we have not listened.

Following your clamour for a Mt Horrible "experience" Waydo gives you "Le Panorama Horreur" on Sunday 28th Feb 2016. This ride has it all including the horrible dirt ascent, Lithgow, Sunny Corner, Dark Corner, Mt Horrible and if you survive then Bathurst, Rockley Mount, Tarana and back to Lithgow (, topping out at a bit over 1,200m this ride has a "few" hills.

If you are not up to Mt Horrible and its friends than you can do the traditional Lithgow Panorama but be warned it has defeated some mighty riders in the past.

As an added bonus you can practice with Robflyte's Penrith-Lithgow on the Saturday and celebrate the bonus day (leap year) with a cool down Lithgow-Penrith on Monday (29/02).

The time poor can catch the Sunday 00:18 Central-Lithgow train, carb up at Maccas for a couple of hours, do the ride and train back to Sydney (arr. 23:31 or 01:01) making a nice 24 hours of it. (providing there is no trackwork)

Details at (filter on NSW & Feb 2016)

I'm looking forward to all three days Bill. The traditional Lithgow Panorama is a lovely course with a days worth of rolling hills to "enjoy".

While I completed the standard course with a whole few minutes to spare, I'll be attempting the Horreur course in 2016, it has dirt, the hook that gets me every time.

As a former resident of Mudgee for a couple of years I would highly recommend this area for a short tour

Take Henry Lawson Drive out of Mudgee to Gulgong (32km) but take in some of the wineries etc. Spend a day riding around that area... beautiful.

Then take the main road out to Wellington (73km) passing through some lovely countryside with a few small villages in between.

Then onto Dubbo (50km)  before working you way back from Dubbo to Dunedoo  .. a hard ride with some good hills(85km).

Then from Dunedoo back to Gulgong (52km) and then Mudgee (32km).

There's caravan parks in each of these places plus pubs and motels.



Oooh, yeah. You can ride to Mudgee from Bathurst via Sofala and Hill End. Fairly challenging countryside and a bit of dirt road between S and HE but not much traffic at all. Wide slicks will cope.


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