Question : Any good riding options/suggestions around Bathurst and surrounds ?

A couple of mates are planning a getaway in this area.

I had previously sampled Blayney  to Bathurst in 2013  but didn't ride Mount Panorama loop , so that will be on this list .

One ride is probably a modified Bathurst - Blayney - Mt Panorama  

(I'm trying to work that out with same start / end point - Is Mid Western Hwy decent to ride up from Bathurst to Blayney? ) 

But, anyway, that's the limit of my exposure to the area.

Are there other options or suggestions for what could be good for other ride(s)? 

Doesn't have to start at Bathurst as transport would be available although a ride starting/ending at the same spot is pretty much needed.

Starting locations of up to say Orange/Mudgee if there is a strong recommendation!

Ideally distance say in the 60-100 km with scenic views and happy to hear of recommended rest/eat locations! 



Ps: Road bikes will be in use ie no cyclocross/MTB routes please. Thanks


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I road the Wee Westie last your with a group from CBD. All road bikes though (OK a few CXs but my partner road a Cannondale Evo) but it is recommend that nothing less than 28 tyres as it is about 1/3 gravel and it does get a tad bumpy. Not MTB bumps just nicer on fatter tyres.

141.57 km .... total ascent of 2217.83 m

"Wee" Westie eh ?

You gotta get with the program, PT. Hills are there to be climbed.

Anyway, 2.2 km of up, in 141 km along, is an average of barely 1.5%. Hardly enough to even notice.


I am far from a fit rider and less so last year when I did it. It was not onerous over a day. And as I always remind my daughter, riding up a hill is charging a battery. It is latent energy you get on the way down. As the ride is a loop, what goes up does indeed comes down. Embrace the hills and enjoy the ride down!

Ps: Road bikes will be in use ie no cyclocross/MTB routes please.

What a shame ... just suffering on the tarmac and sucking-in the passing car fumes? 


PS, Imagine what you could do and where you could explore if you rode a bike suitable for the wilder region?

PSS, On the Bridal Trail, Root Hog Fire Trail, crossing the Macquarie, Long Point, missing  out on the Upper Turon. Each to their own bike, I guess, sadly.

Ride for tourists...

...wait a minute, what's this "suffering" business ?

PeterT, I was pushing the envelope, knowing what is out that way. And suffering is sucking-in the heavy particulate matter from car fumes.

Coming from overseas, the quirkiness of the Turon Gold Fields will blow your friends away ... out on the Turon it is, extraordinary Australia and beautiful clear light.  Perhaps ride to Sofala and Hill End. Riding out on the Western Slopes doesn't get much better than that ... especially for overseas visitors. When I've taken overseas visitors on artist camps to the Turon, they have enjoyed the pioneering nature of the region immensely. I can't image your visitors riding out there would be any different.

Have you been out that way? It is extraordinary.

I'll find some shots and call back shortly.


Thanks for the posts and beautiful pictures Warren.

However, my mates are MAMILs and only have race roadies with race wheels and hi pressure skinny tires. 

Besides, I doubt if the fumes here can come close to where they are used to riding.

I should update this, but in the recent years we have variously done Gulgong, Coolah, Sofala and Hill End  - based from Mudgee; not Bathurst! 

Great riding areas , there was even camel racing one year! 

Bathurst 100 (16 laps - my mate managed it, I pulled the pin after 11. It's a lot of climbing, I think on each ~6km lap you've got something like 500m (?) that isn't climbing or descending).

We've got friends out there and the last time we stayed with them I contacted the local club and hooked up for a nice ride with them out through Perthville >> Rocklea or so (about 70km return, depending on where you turn).

There was also a "where to ride?" article in either Ride (I think) or Bicycling Australia (can't remember which of the two does this feature) with Mark Renshaw (hometown boy) a few years ago, but I can't find it on their websites.

Back roads to Oberon could be fun?

Overnight to Orange

Bathurst 100 

erm, thanks , I think I might be able to sucker convince one or two of the riders to do the Hill Climb TT route but I don't think anyone of them will enjoy looping Bathurst! 


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