Question : Any good riding options/suggestions around Bathurst and surrounds ?

A couple of mates are planning a getaway in this area.

I had previously sampled Blayney  to Bathurst in 2013  but didn't ride Mount Panorama loop , so that will be on this list .

One ride is probably a modified Bathurst - Blayney - Mt Panorama  

(I'm trying to work that out with same start / end point - Is Mid Western Hwy decent to ride up from Bathurst to Blayney? ) 

But, anyway, that's the limit of my exposure to the area.

Are there other options or suggestions for what could be good for other ride(s)? 

Doesn't have to start at Bathurst as transport would be available although a ride starting/ending at the same spot is pretty much needed.

Starting locations of up to say Orange/Mudgee if there is a strong recommendation!

Ideally distance say in the 60-100 km with scenic views and happy to hear of recommended rest/eat locations! 



Ps: Road bikes will be in use ie no cyclocross/MTB routes please. Thanks


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Thinking of doing this next year

Epic last day! Google maps hasn’t caught up yet, but it is tarred now. 

Braidwood Rd, Coolumburra NSW 2622

First day a good one too, up that Newbridge hill. If you duck right just before that hill you might be able to follow the railway more or less, with some cross farm riding, to get to Newbridge. 

Yep, rode up to Nerriga when it was gravel and been down it a few times in the last 10 or so years. One time was when they were doing the final bit of tarring, and because of the length of work being undertaken, they put me and bike in the escort vehicle and drove me the 20+k's out of the work zone. Lovely ride still! The Nerriga pub now has accommodation, but it's limited, so you need to book. My plan is stay at pub and do the downhill to Nowra and catch a late arvo train to the big smoke and stay the night there before catching a train home the next morning. I've been trying to get down this way on my last few trips, but fate intervened and prevented it. Next year!

As far as Newbridge is concerned, I'm OK about walking up that hill rather than try to get through rough gravel farm roads. Even the 22T front-36T rear combination was too tough to ride. I walked it in March this year, and it wasn't too bad.

You probably know this already but the train from Nowra to Kiama is a 2 carriage diesel. It has limited bicycle storage at the end of the compartments in a little vestibule where you hang your bike up. There is often a few bikes on the train taking up the limited space. You'll have to remove your panniers.

Kiama > Nowra has been the case for some time. Don't use it on weekends, school holidays or when school gets out. It's crowded with kids and their bikes.

I've never used the carriage with the 2 hanging racks. I always go for the wheelchair space and I never have had to vacate it or remove any panniers. Always prepared to move though if a wheelie needs it.

Last time I investigated the road following the rail line was (bad) dirt too

I can only claim to have ridden that hill twice but each time I’ve wondered if the railway road was rideable. Maybe someone could get onto Rail Trail Australia and see if they can convince the cockies to put in a decent path to Newbridge.


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