This is the first vid I've actually completed. Shot from my helmet cam last Thursday.

Part 1

Part 2

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Very cool. Can't help but agree with the closing comment.
No wonder motorists hate cyclists so much. I only watched about two minutes of part 2 but lost count of how many red lights you rode through. The pedestrians you carved up as they crossed Elizabeth St probably weren't all that chuffed either.
But it was perfectly acceptable for that clown to turn in front of me into Oporto on the way in.
I didn't notice any clowns in the few minutes of the video which I watched before ennui and motion sickness set in.
The way I saw it was that if you are going to go lane splitting past a van that has stopped to allow someone to turn into a drivewway, then you are putting yourself inline to be run down by the motorist that was unable to see that you were going to come darting up the inside of said van.and since when does "some clown" turning in front of you equate to the right to blast through pedestrians crossing legally at traffic lights and the subsequent red light. maybe you should put things into context and start looking at your own behaviour before claiming poor me.
I'd been behind that van for hundreds of metres. He must have known I was there, assuming he uses his mirrors occasionally. I wasn't going that fast either - the car could have stopped. But as we know, the road is there to share, but only if you have an engine.

I was hardly "blasting" through the peds either - 10 km/h max.
It looked like you stopped/slowed to let the bulk of pedestrians cross, and then slowly weaved through the stragglers. Basically you gave way to pedestrians in the crossing. I can't see anything wrong with that - it doesn't hurt anybody else. Motorists can't do it safely because cars are not small enough or nimble enough, but cyclists can.
Great first vid Chris. I couldn't believe how hard it was to watch. Couldn't stop laughing at the amount of movement. I have this image of you neck being a spring and your head just bobbing around. Interesting seeing the traffic (cars & peds) you encountered and the route choices you made. Looking forward to seeing your next vid, particularly if you can upgrade your neck spring to a steady cam assembly. :)
It's worse with the camera on the handlebar. It's a cheap ($15) helmet, too and I think it moves a bit. 120 psi in the road bike tyres probably doesn't help either.

The only thing wrong with these cams is that they don't see what I see. If I'm talking to a motorist, the camera points across the roof. I'm going to try some alternative mountings.


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