Here is a new bike idea, fresh from Germany. It can be propelled using the arms or legs. While it has the normal bike cranks, a second set of cranks is attached to the handlebars. The handlebars can be moved back and forth to propel the bike at the same time for more power.

see it in action at: Das Ruderrad

Apparently they haven't sold many yet, as it's quite new. The fellow who told me about it says that with his machine he can comfortably go 60kms per work day, instead of the 40 odd k that he does normally. He has a normal bike for mountains and the city, but this one is good for the flat commute to work.

With it's two sets of cranks, it's like a tandem for one. Anyone seen any other bikes combining arms and legs for power, commercially available?

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rofl, its basically a rowing machine that translates energy to wheels that one - I mean Paul's one

The 'Ruder City' one might be good for exercise in some ways, make use of the arm muscles etc as well. But from the posture it looks like you wont end up using the glutes much, which would take away a lot of the benefits of the traditional posture and considering they are very powerful muscles. Though I am no expert on this.

That is awesome! If I had 4500 euro kicking around, I'd get one.

Like the video. Re the link: my firewall/antivirus reported an attempted trojan download. Could be a false positive.

"Apparently they haven't sold many yet"

Surely they jest?

Sorry, but I can't help but for thinking of a certain South Park episode. Which I'm not going to link.

oh go on

Is anyone else old enough to recall watching "Infinity Limited" at primary school (mid 80s). In one episode they were required to assemble a rowing bike. This one differed from the pictures and vids above in that it was a simple pull with the hands and push with the feet to pull the chain over the rear sprocket - a spring was used to return the chain on the return stroke. Ever since I saw that show I thought it would be cool to have one.

Anyway I looked on the net for a video but I guess it even pre-dated the "dump the old shows on the net" phenomenon. 

Is anyone else old enough to recall

Sorry, I am too old to recall that...

Or should that be "I'm too old to recall anything"

Careful. Old-timers disease has not yet set in. ;-)

Don't worry when it does. Because although I have Alzheimers, at least I don't have Alzheimers.

It may increase anaerobic output, but last time I looked into the limiting factors on aerobic output, for a fit person it was squarely the lungs. No combination of muscles can increase your aerobic power output past what the lungs will provide to the body.

Now, if you were a bird or crocodile you would have rigid lungs with air sacs and plumbing which results is a far more efficient oxygenation of the lungs, hence why dinosaurs were so big, and birds are such good fliers.

But without some extreme surgery and perhaps genetic re-engineering of your body, the traditional pedal is already at the limits of efficiency for extracting mechanical power from the body. Recumbent like bikes just have less drag (typically.)

A recumbent with fairing is going to be more efficient than this machine. It's more just to give your arms and chest some exercise. Also, by using your arms, your legs don't tire as quickly, so you can cover a longer distance.


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