I was wondering if anyone had been able to take a bike aboard a rail replacement bus? The ones I am talking about is a service that leaves Goulburn after 1:00 PM on Saturday/Sunday and the bus that replaced a train service between Moss Vale and Albion Park.
I am particularly interested in the Goulburn service because I have been contemplating riding to Goulburn and taking that bus to Sydney to go to Sydney Swans games. It would be useful for other people cycle touring in the area. 

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Sometimes, it depends on the bus and it depends on the driver. If it is a coach with underfloor storage the driver *should* accept the bike. Then again, this is Australia.

I've always managed to get the bikes onto the bus but you can't guarantee it

I've caught the Goulburn > Moss Vale service that you are asking about. I've done it several times on various days of the week with touring bike fully loaded. The drivers have always been helpful and occasionally helped load/unload it. Often they pick up additional bike passengers along the way. Best bike/bus service I've had!

I took my bike on a rail replacement bus from Central to Strathfield a few months ago, trying to get to Parramatta to meet others for a ride.  The dispatchers, a couple of older Bussies with clipboards trying to manage the chaos, and who’d probably seen everything, were very helpful, pointing out the correct bus and even letting me on first so I could park in the space where prams go. Unfortunately the route taken was down every back street in the Inner West, often because of one-way streets near stations. It took ages to get to Strathfield and I missed the ride. I could have ridden to Strathfield but I did want to see if they would take bikes. 

A ferry to somewhere on the Parra Valley Cycleway is also an option.

Sydney's Train service is a bit of a crisis now. Yesterday things fell apart on the main western line. Again.

So, apart from delays things worsened to missing all stops but the principal station Springwood. That's an hourly 'service', and no substitute bus therefore people from elsewhere missed out on travel. I ended up ferrying neighbours in their car.

Sydney does not have a dependable public transport system, as you found out.

I have only taken my extra small foldie on a bus....i still got looks but it is very small


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