Bureau  model shows a bullseye for heavy rain up to 100 mm over Sydney tomorrow as a low passes over. 


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a couple of days ago; putting up a sail would have been good, tomorrow is time to crack out the canoe

Canoe with sail, could be a good tail wind for some

I think i'll be replacing the brake pads after tomorrow, they barely survived the last wet period we had. 

Normally I quite enjoy riding in rain but I'm going to hunker down for this one.

Temporary lull here so I dashed out and cleared the front gutter, which I should have done yesterday.

Radar shows clear area to the north which might be the eye of the low, but rain further to the NW should move in later this morning.

I just spent 2 hours and 40 minutes in a car.  The few I saw cycling definitely made the right decision

"I just spent 2 hours and 40 minutes in a car. "

Going from where to where? 

I caught the (slow!) bus to Central but light rail was out so walked to work in Pyrmont from there … back on the bike tomorrow 4 sure !

Maroubra Junction to Tempe via Darling Harbour flyover.  I was actually going to Sydney Olympic Park but had to cancel as I wasn't going to make it anywhere near the time I was suppose to be there.

Looks like the worst of the rain is over, most of the heavy stuff is moving north, says he confidently. Windy though. Some good rain recorded in the Warragamba  Dam catchment.

I rode to work today. Wasn't so bad. Passed a lot of cars. Splashed through some puddles. Fun.

RIde home was great - hardly any traffic. I think everyone had either not got to work, or gone home early!

same here... surprisingly little traffic in the afternoon.

Morning was damp - biggest obstacles were the stationary traffic.


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