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Return and earn,

Those bloody container deposit scheme are being bloody useless and it have sprouted up everywhere else but only limited sites.

WTF, is that politicians have forced everyone to pay extra 15 cents and just to get 10 cents back.

What a rort is it??? Is that useful to reduce the smashed glass on roads/footpath/SUP???

No, it won`t as it don`t accept the wine or spirit bottles and encourage the smashfests.

Can you return the bottles/cans within 500mtrs of collection agents/vending machines after you bought it and drank it empty,?? No....

Where`s the closest one that you can disposed it of within a few minutes. None,but if you are lucky to buy it from the collection agent and return it after you had consumed it.

What an useless prat that politicians sprout that it is useful and when it didn`t when they started it on 1st December`17???

I`d want to kick up their rear ends with the sharp pointed nails affixed to my shoes.

What a load of codswallop it is?????

From PeterT`s link, part paragraph.

The NSW government introduced a new recycling scheme on December 1, which it hailed as the biggest anti-litter initiative in the state's history. "

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I was surprised, only PERFECT bottles (minus milk and wines and spirits) with intact barcodes can be taken in

A real pity as this kid found out that crashing the bottles to mininise the space taken would get the container rejected

Still 15cents more is a small price to pay for the polluters flinging their containers into the Cooks River etc

It should be more

Just a couple of observation on the Return and Earn scheme. I have used it recently and it appears to work very well. Admittedly I have used it on an ad hoc basis but the things I have found are:

1. The Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) will take cans and bottles from jurisdictions other than NSW (I put 100 bottles and cans exclusively from the ACT through the RVM at Goulburn and it took all but 1.

2. Cans and bottles do not have to be in pristine order (I used cans and bottles found on the way to work and on a highway turn off and it appears that if the barcode is readable - the machine will take the container. The cans I put in had dents and while not crushed were not in pristine order. A bottle had some damage to it and it was taken. It did not take a Bent Spokes beer can - I suspect because it was minus the top (You pull the top of the can off to consume the beverage inside).

3. The RVM does not take "Foreign" cans/bottles - I tried this with a Lemon and Paeroa can and a can from IrnBru . These are good for kerbside recycling but not for the RVM! It also did not like the Ram chocolate milk carton from Aldi but did take a couple of chocolate milk containers from Coles - go figure.

4. Gladys Berejiklian/who ever devised the system really needs to reconsider what is consumed at home. Milk, wine and spirits bottles are quite common on the highways and byways. Mind you the bigger thing is take away coffee cups.

I personally support the scheme. Anything that makes people think twice about throwing their drink containers onto the streets and waterways is a good thing. The fact that it annoys the Tim Blair and Miranda Devine makes me think that it is so brilliant we should all give the RVMs a good work out.

Anyhow it isn't like NSW will be on it's own, we in the ACT will be getting a CDS soon as will Qld in the new year.

Apparently 15 million containers were returned earning, if my maths is not wrong 1.5 million dollars - enough to by a house in the inner west or probably western Sydney.

I actually think that recycling would have increased if recycling bins were provided alongside rubbish bins. If you're in Parramatta park, have a look and you'll see people separating their recyclables and non recyclables when disposing of their rubbish. They didn't need the incentive of getting paid to do so, they were simply provided with a means to recycle.

Now will we see an industry of people diving into the recycling bins placed on the roadsides such that they can cash in on the bottles that are accepted in the new return and earn bins? 

It's funny, the old NSW system seemed to work perfectly fine with the local milkbar taking your bottles and giving you your 5 cents(sixpense?)...or whatever it was back then. These mega recycling centres seem to take inconvenience to new levels.

too much overhead, compications (return machines, manufacturer's needing to register their containers with a government scheme, etc etc) and government stupidity in this scheme.

What's wrong with just copying the system used in SA since forever?

What`s this of the road safety campaign???    Stop it or cop it.

Keeping the community safe

When people ignore or disregard road safety rules, they put their lives and the lives of others at risk. Between 2012 and 2016, there were 1,739 fatalities and 61,831 serious injuries on NSW roads – that means someone is killed or injured every 41 minutes. About half of the fatal crashes involved a driver or rider engaging in at least one of the identified unsafe road user behaviours of speeding, drink drivingseatbelt non-usage or illegal mobile phone use. Our interactive crash stats provide more details.


My words,

What a load of bollocks do that scare any drivers do obey those advertising and media campaigns??? Didn`t work???

My options is

                                                            This message is for all drivers.

When you signed the driver licences, you had missed the tiny disclaimers that you`d agreed of if you had ignored the drink`n`drive, drug`n`drive and text`n`drive and speeding messages and have been involved in collisions that requires medical operations and you`d agreed to forgo that operations and suffer your pains permanently and will not need further medical help in whatsoever.that It is your stupidity to do it in the first place.

                                                                            New campaign motto is

Hey, drivers, go on and break the law with all of the above and we don`t care about you and will leave you in the wrecks of your car due to your stupidity.

Go on text`n`drive and your Grim Reaper friend will welcome you to hell.

                                                                                       Go on and do it.

Help yourself and we don`t care about you stupid drivers. And you will be rewarded a permanent deep sleep or injuries and pains.

Is that really helpful, you inconsiderate drivers??????

This image got my attention. I happened to be in Nowra on that day and saw ambulances trying to head south, but there was heavy traffic. I think they need to show a lot of these crash photos until we are sick of them, and then some more. That's how advertising works.

"they need to show a lot of these crash photos"

Maybe with the graphic carnage that the first responders see that puts them into the PTSD category. Identities of everyone, living or dead, would have to be carefully obscured. 

maybe have an ad, if someone will agree, of one of the people who saw it and tried to help. 

Their trauma is very real and would be confronting to view

Motorists caught out. Over 100,000 Victorians caught driving unlicensed or unregistered. How many weren't caught? Looks like it could be one in four, if cops got that many from 375,000 infringements issued, depending on their strike rate. 1.5 million done for speeding, red lights.

Not excusing unregistered driving, but how much is this due to demise of rego stickers? If your rego renewal notice goes missing, you are likely to forget to get the car re-registered and there is nothing to prompt you. Until a nasty fine arrives.

Case for a Stickit note on your windscreen, or forehead. 


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