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Return and earn,

Those bloody container deposit scheme are being bloody useless and it have sprouted up everywhere else but only limited sites.

WTF, is that politicians have forced everyone to pay extra 15 cents and just to get 10 cents back.

What a rort is it??? Is that useful to reduce the smashed glass on roads/footpath/SUP???

No, it won`t as it don`t accept the wine or spirit bottles and encourage the smashfests.

Can you return the bottles/cans within 500mtrs of collection agents/vending machines after you bought it and drank it empty,?? No....

Where`s the closest one that you can disposed it of within a few minutes. None,but if you are lucky to buy it from the collection agent and return it after you had consumed it.

What an useless prat that politicians sprout that it is useful and when it didn`t when they started it on 1st December`17???

I`d want to kick up their rear ends with the sharp pointed nails affixed to my shoes.

What a load of codswallop it is?????

From PeterT`s link, part paragraph.

The NSW government introduced a new recycling scheme on December 1, which it hailed as the biggest anti-litter initiative in the state's history. "

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Another rant from me...

6 people die in a plane crash and it is the first story on all news breaks and is prominent on news sites. 40 people have died while using motor vehicles over the Christmas New Years break and nobody gives a shit.

That's because its something different.  Motor vehicle deaths are the norm as is cancer or heart attacks, the person with the rare disease gets reported as its not the norm.

And this reporting distorts the views of safety in many.  You are more likely to die driving to the beach than to be killed by a shark

if it's commonality that isn't worth reporting on ; why do people and media harp on about 'cyclist never stopping at red lights' when there are many more common incidents of 'head down on mobile wrecking other peoples lives' are passed un-reported?

Outgrouping diverts from the real safety issues and they don't want the real safety issues addressed as it impacts their way of life

So it seems as though those pesky cars are down g things by themselves again, and I quote...

"It appears the car started to overtake when the broken line was on their side of the solid line, however a second car comes even closer and appears to cross the road’s double lines just seconds later."

Now surely this should have been written:

"It appears the driver of the first car started to overtake when the broken line was on their side of the solid line, however a driver in a second car comes even closer and appears to cross the road’s double lines just seconds later."

No wonder nothing is changing on the roads, when it appears that none of the "accidents" are caused by the drivers, but rather the cars themselves - perhaps Stephen King's novel (Christine) is more prophetic than we give it credit. Maybe all these cars are possessed and want to take revenge.

The cars are angry there aren't enough open and long sweeping roads without traffic or traffic lights to drive on as advertised in car ads

I had a situation yesterday where I was on my bike in a car park but stopped to allow a car to go across my path. The driver wound down his window and told me that i was on a suicide mission riding bikes. I pointed out to him that bikes don't kill people, car drivers do! Didn't get a response.

Did you notice that the driver of the car videoing the Cessnock event forgot that he had a brake pedal and he just charged on regardless in the first passing parade, but he found it for the second one!

Well it wasn't his fault there was a car heading towards him in his lane, so why should he do anything to fix the problem as it obviously not his problem.

Sorry, just channeling my inner motorist.

Something about being right but dead rings a bell!

the inevitable result of these idiots' actions

Neither of those overtakes were particularly close - the first one was legal, the only issue with the second one were the double lines which made it illegal but not unsafe (well in that instance anyway). Most probably the impatience of the motorists is more of a concern. But what can you expect when most cars will go 200km/h?


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