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Return and earn,

Those bloody container deposit scheme are being bloody useless and it have sprouted up everywhere else but only limited sites.

WTF, is that politicians have forced everyone to pay extra 15 cents and just to get 10 cents back.

What a rort is it??? Is that useful to reduce the smashed glass on roads/footpath/SUP???

No, it won`t as it don`t accept the wine or spirit bottles and encourage the smashfests.

Can you return the bottles/cans within 500mtrs of collection agents/vending machines after you bought it and drank it empty,?? No....

Where`s the closest one that you can disposed it of within a few minutes. None,but if you are lucky to buy it from the collection agent and return it after you had consumed it.

What an useless prat that politicians sprout that it is useful and when it didn`t when they started it on 1st December`17???

I`d want to kick up their rear ends with the sharp pointed nails affixed to my shoes.

What a load of codswallop it is?????

From PeterT`s link, part paragraph.

The NSW government introduced a new recycling scheme on December 1, which it hailed as the biggest anti-litter initiative in the state's history. "

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So, the only thing the following has about bikes is that some of the people ride bikes.

I was sitting in church today and next to me was an Indian couple, with some other Indian families and couples throughout the hall, the people in front of us were Thai, there's also a nice Indonesian family sitting near by. There were couples who can trace their lineage back to the first fleet. Further to that, there's a very kind gentleman from Zimbabwe, who is very quiet spoken. And there's also a new (extended) family from Iran who take up the back row. Oh, I almost forgot the Canadian who has a Chinese wife.

I then started thinking that how lucky we are in Australia that people from all around the world can sit together in a room and not want to destroy each other, nor does anyone consider themselves better than another. We all have different backgrounds, yet we don't hold that against each other. We don't say because I've suffered more, I deserve more. We are all there, we all say good morning to each other and we mean it. We smile and shake hands when we meet.

Anyway, with all the hatred in the world today, I thought I'd highlight some of the love.

Stay cool today.

Last Friday at 6:07am in Sydney Olympic Park 3 Motorbike Cops stopped and gave a talking to the regular Friday morning tempo bunch for rolling through a stop sign.

Yes there were no cars around. Yes there were no people around. Yes the visibility is good both directions - but why else would they do this if not to save lives?

Caveat. I was not there but got it first hand from a reliable source who made me more furious by lamenting the bunch behaviour. I don't support breaking rules for fun, but at that hour, at that intersection slowing and rolling through is just not a problem. 

Side note with an extra 30,000 or so people being packed in to the precinct in the next 5 or so years I think the hundreds of weekday morning riders will need to rethink where they ride. The extra traffic lights are a PITA. The extra traffic will be a killer.


I do support breaking rules ;-)

I agree to the extent that if we abide by stupid rules they will not change.

Rolling through a stop sign in a bunch with perfect visibility is not dangerous. Same for a red light at some ungodly early hour that does not detect your roadie.



From SMH Article online today regarding an escaped convict:

'Primmer was 19 years old and had never held a license when, high on ice and cannabis, he drove a car at nearly twice the legal speed limit into a power pole at Unanderra on December 6, 2013. 

He escaped with minor injuries but his 14-year-old female passenger suffered critical, "heartbreaking" injuries, including a severe, traumatic brain injury requiring long-term rehabilitation. 

In June 2014, with the court factoring in earlier offences, he was banned for driving for 10 years and sentenced to 3½ years' imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 2½...

Sentencing Judge Conlon rejected claims that Primmer's intellectual delays, along with "distraction" from his passengers, may have contributed to the crash.

Primmer completed that prison term, but was jailed for another 12 months from September 5 last year, for driving while disqualified, and larceny. 

He was to be released on parole after five months, on February 4.'

Rant - Why would he only get 2.5 years? If he is caught back driving whilst disqualified why would that not be 10 years no parole at a minimum? Pretty easy to see why the roads are dangerous - consequences for drivers is way too lax.



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