The leather on the rear of my faithful Selle SMP Dynamic is starting to scuff up and I'm worried that it's going to start scouring and scuffing my knicks.

The best price for a new Dynamic I can find is ~$250 + freight.

Structurally, mine is as good as new - Does anybody know anybody who re covers saddles without breaking the bank?

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Saw a clip from Mosul on the news. There was a bloke repairing motor scooter seats, operating out of a bomb blasted shop. Life goes on.

Not sure how you restore a worn leather surface, but maybe you can shave it and treat it or work it to get a hard smooth surface. No doubt it's on u tube.

Thanks Bob, I've tried smoothing it with wet and dry sand paper, leather polish, Kiwi shoe polish etc. 

It's no good - The SMP saddles don't have a great reputation for longevity of the leather .....

I might just have to bite the bullet on another new one.

but maybe big $$.
Try a old time boot maker/ fixer upper who still knows leather work or find a (horse)saddlemaker?

Shame to get rid of something that fits well if it is just a strip off and then recover. You could give it a go with some Selleys Kwik Grip and a bit of help of a DIY online vid. I would go all out and get a lumpy bit of salt water crocodile back pelt.

I checked Busyman - About the same as a new saddle in heavy duty black kangaroo!

Probably better then new though.

SMP saddles do suffer from premature ageing. 

Never had a bike seat done, but had it done a couple of times on off-road motorcycles back in the day...usually naugahyde on those. Motor trimmer would be the likely go-to person.

Thanks Kim!

That gives me something to think about.

The SMP Dynamic adds just about a "hole" extra level of difficulty, but maybe I should wander over to the local marine supplies and get a piece of marine grade vinyl and see how easily it will follow the curves.

Thanks again!


When my bicycle fell over and I scuffed up my Brooks leather saddle I did this 

1. Cut away loose leather bits with a Stanley knife (sharpie).

2. Sanded the scuffed area with wet sand paper.

3. Smoothed out the leather by rubbing it for about 15 minutes with a empty glass drink bottle. The curved glass surface smoothed out the leather.

4. Treated the area with leather conditioner - Profide, Dubbin etc.

I should give that a last try. I've fine sanded but not tried the smoothing.


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