Bicycle Network has published a recall for Kobie CO2 threaded cartridges (16g) that were sold through Pushys online or in-store.

co2 catridge
Exploding CO2 cartridge recalled

That CO2 cartridge nestling under your saddle could become a mini hand grenade.

The Kobie brand 16g threaded cartridge has been recalled as it may explode when exposed to sunlight and temperatures that exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

A potential explosion may project cartridge or metal fragments into users or bystanders.

Some riders give themselves a scare when they blow a tyre during over enthusiastic inflation by a CO2 cartridge, but this is a whole new level of bang.

Consumers are asked to cease use of the product immediately, release gas from cartridge until empty, and dispose of empty cartridge.

The product was available from Pushys' online store.

Customers should contact Pushys at for a credit or full refund.

You will need to upload a photo of the exhausted cartridge(s) as part of the refund process.

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That CO2 cartridge nestling under your arse could become a mini hand grenade.


and don't park the bike in the sun at the coffee stop.

I just wonder how many cartridges from the same factory are sold with different brand names.

Ooh. One of my club members had a picture of a burst cartidge. I'll forward this


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