Recomendation for a long-term LBS near Turramurra/Wahroonga/Hornsby

Hi Guys,

It's time i developed a long-term relationship with an LBS for things like servicing my newish road bike etc. Bike is an Azzurri + MTB I nicked from my lazy brother. I live in Wahroonga(near Hornsby).

Looking for an LBS who is understanding, not too expensive:

1. I like to do a lot of my own stuff on bikes - like changing tires, minor mech stuff. (so some people who wont be on my case for having done this and that wrong etc and who expect you not to touch the bike other than riding it)

2. Some people who know the safety aspects and are mechanically sound. Also who prolly wouldn't mind me talking to their mechanic directly as well now and then?

Any good and deserving people to give my life long loyalty and business to?



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Would heartily recommend Kuringai Cycles which is in Hornsby. Charlie the owner gives excellent friendly service and repairs at reasonable prices and will give advice on problems you might have with your bike. Near to station so you can collect your bike easily and ride home. He has helped me on many occasions with advice and is always honest and reliable.

Kuringai Cycles
145 Pacific Hwy Hornsby NSW 2077‎
(02) 9987 0750‬
Cycle StoreToday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sydney North Shore(Hornsby) bike shop operated by Charlie Ng with 30 yrs experience.
Provide best service and repair in Sydney with 300 bikes and lots of parts and accessories at the best price!
Hornsby Station (150 m NE)

I'm a big fan of cathy and her team at hornsby cycles.  they bend ever backwards to help you, great services at an affordable price.  

+1 for Cathy and her team at Hornsby Cycles.
Walked past Hornsby Cycles yesterday and saw a for lease sign on the shop and redirection to their new location. Details on their website.

Oh this is very close to my work place, the new place.

My bike on the small ring, lowest 3 gears is making a largish noise now, something is out of alignment or needs tweaking obviously. So I will drop in sometime in the next few days to see them.

Thanks for the info from everyone who made a rec, atleast I have a couple of local contacts now:).

You probably have a little cable stretch - it happened on my new bike after a week or two of riding.

There should be an adjust Uh. Duh!

You don't have cables do you :~)

Continue with your Plan A .....................

Si, The new Azzuri that Bhanu bought is Di2.

Can you find a Di2 adjustment video?

Thanks John & SI. I will search for some this evening I think. It will be good for me to learn to do this if possible so I understand more about the bike.

Main thing I know what it is I need to do.

Also time I did some maintenance, I have been riding happily without doing any maintenance other than with checking tire pressure and tube replacement.

Just found the 2 below links, i assume their decent guides:

Either way I must visit the LBS, since buying the bike and 'assembling' I never did a checkup to see if its all put together correctly even:P

Found the below -

and sound seems to have disappeared after some minor adjustments!

the below guy used alan keys to do some further adjustment, but i didn't bother trying that since the sound seems to have disappeared

really need to order in some bike cleaning gear, some oil etc

When you say "lowest 3 gears", do you mean the three biggest cogs on the rear or the three smallest?

I mean the 3 biggest cogs on the rear. While on the small ring in the front. (ie the 3 'easiest' climbing gears on the bike)


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