So lately i have noticed theres still a few bikes of theres around in the inner west and was wondering whats to become of them? They are all in bad condition but in the same spot everytime i cycle past

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reddy Go were giving their bikes away last year when they closed down. Maybe some of those still around are from this. Clever I guess, absolves Reddy Go from tidying up. 

Yes I thought I read about that. I think I've seen now 3 recently. So that means that someone could take them and do something with them if they like? That's very naughty of them not to tidy up. I was thinking of taking a couple of parts off it for a one of my bikes but the bolts at they have used are called security hex or something

Someones removed the front wheel from one near me

ok so it is possible. I saw the type of hex security allan keys are on ebay. Just gotta get the size right

I think it’s illegal to take a bike, or anything, from a street unless you have made an effort to find the owner. But I guess if you can’t contact Reddy Go to see if they still do...?

If its deemed rubbish, then technically its owned by the council 

Yes I emailed them and nothing. Also while they were operating I would email to say I saw their bikes damaged or somebody threw them in a lake or's rare I got replies. Maybe they were super busy. Now that that have shutdown and there's no mention of that on their website they might not even check the sites mail. They have probably no one to do it
Yes that's what I thought

Servez vous!

Sorry I don't speak French

Professor Google does!

yes i tried that first but maybe i am not using the right search words...i got nothing


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