So lately i have noticed theres still a few bikes of theres around in the inner west and was wondering whats to become of them? They are all in bad condition but in the same spot everytime i cycle past

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I got a free biike last year for being a member. Was able to remove most of the parts, front basket, solar panel, dynamo hub, front light, rear solar powered light, Shimano nexus gearbox in rear hub and  saddle. Wheels no use as they have solid tyres of a non standard size. The security bolts came out using multi grips, or a screw driver and hammer. Use angle grinder as a last resort.

oh yes I seem to remember that they gave people that we're members a free bike. I forgot about that until now. Yeah I wanted to get the rear hub and a couple of other things. What are multi grips. I don't think I'm strong enough to use a screwdriver and a hammer. I don't have an angle grinder I'm afraid or know anybody that has one

They are sort of cute aren’t they?

Oh ha ha yes they are....tool soldiers...yes i have a tool like that. I dont think i am strong enough due to disability. Anyway i got one of those hex tools on ebay with the will post results when i get it

Dabba I can't see your reply on here about Google. I tried everything but maybe I just didn't put in the right search words. That's why I got on this forum

On the Google search bar type in the exact words that you want translated. In this case it will give you a French-English dictionary and you can read the definitions. Worked for me!


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