Hi All,

So I'm new to cycling and I'm wanting to get a bike.... I know road bikes can get real pricey  and so I've been looking around a fair bit....

 I found Reid Bicycles.... Has anyone got one? or anyone who knows bikes well is it a good bike for a beginner?


Here is the website.



Thanks any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Lindy,

I hadn't heard of them before, but i checked out the website. They're cheap because their components are poor quality. I wouldn't consider them personally.

Hi Lindy,

Agree with Daniel - you get what you pay for. One problem with cheap bikes is that as a general rule they are more likely to break, break down or wear out faster, and they aren't always as relatively cheap to fix as they were to buy in the first place.

So two suggestions. If you don't mind buying second hand there are always heaps of entry level bikes available on eBay or bikeexchange.com.au etc at reasonable prices. Make sure you talk to someone in the know who can advise you on what is good or good value, and what size etc. If they're local some sellers might let you inspect the bike before bidding. Buying second hand is always a little but "buyer beware" but from my experience most bikes for sale on eBay etc are there either because the owner has given up riding, or upgraded to a better bike, not because there is a major problem with it.

If you don't want second hand, then try Cell Bikes in Stanmore. Different peope will have different opinions on Cell, but ultimately they sell good value entry level bikes. And importantly they have a real shop with real staff who you can talk to about what you want.

Unfortunately cycling aint cheap, but a cheap bike can be a false economy.
The good thing about manufactured goods from China is that they are really cheap. (As in inexpensive). The bad thing is that they are really cheap. (As in that price takes priority over value). An unfortunate truth, Lindy, is that bicycle components will wear out and begin to malfunction. You would like to think that every effort has been made to ensure your components wear out later, rather that sooner. More importantly, that your local bike shop can supply replacement parts which fit and function.
And is the bike nice to ride? You won't know untill long after you have paid. My instincts say don't do it.

On the other hand:- I think most SC's would agree that the first bike you buy will serve to teach you what you should have really bought. Armed with that knowledge, you can buy the bike which is going to faithfully serve you for years to come, and be thankful you didn't waste much money on the first bike.
The other issue to consider is that they are based in Melbourne. If anything goes wrong with the bike you'll need to organise the shipping of it back to Melbourne. If they ship you replacement parts you'll still need to have someone local fix the bike. Being geographically distant will also make it easier for them to be less responsive and more difficult for you if that happens. A friend, who bought a bike from a distributor in Canberra, has recently gone through this pain. Her frame cracked while under warranty. She had to strip the bike and then ship the broken frame to Canberra. The distributor replaced the frame but she had to get a local bike shop to rebuild the bike for her...at her cost.

I'd recommend buying somewhere local.
Thanks for your replies.
I will definately look more into other bikes!
Much appreciated!

Hi, It's James Reid here, owner of Reid Cycles.

I know this is not a new thread, but I wanted to separate fact from fiction.

The real reason why our bikes are so cheap is because of two things:

1) We manufacture our own bikes and sell direct to public, and

2) We choose not to price gouge our customers (the Australian bike industry has been doing this for far too long).

Quality is primary on our list. Sure, in the early days we did have a number of warranty issues. But if we got a consistency of warranty issues on a particular part, our company policy is to automatically upgrade that component on the next model and deal with the current warranty issue ensuring all customers are happy.

Another example: All our bikes have sealed bearing bottom brackets. Virtually all major distributors still use loose bearings on their cheaper bikes. So through experience, we’ve learnt that loose bearing bottom brackets are unreliable which we do not want. 

Furthermore, whilst visiting our factory last year, I saw some Trek and Specialised bikes being made. The factory also advised me they do bikes for Colnago and Ridley. I knew we had a great factory, this just confirmed it.

We understand the assurance of buying locally, and want to assure people that we are not in the business of just shipping boxes. That's why in mid-2011 we opened up a Sydney store, and have just setup shop in Brisbane too.

I feel strongly about providing a great customer experience, and stand behind the quality of our bikes. So much so, we have increased our frame and fork warranty from 5 years to 15 years, as well maintaining 12 months warranty on parts, and 12 months free servicing whenever you need your gears and brakes adjusted.

Thanks for your time,


Thanks for taking the time to reply to this thread.

It must be a thrill to see people riding a bike with your name on it.

I know several people happily using your bikes, and one chap who was pretty upset when his was stolen.... so you must be something right.


...and , no, I'm not implying you steal bikes.

Haha, thanks PeterT - appreciate the encouragement.

We really do try very hard to give people great quality at a great price, and thankfully the market has responded in kind.

Best Regards,

Good to hear from you James - and a well put case for Reid.  Hope it all goes well for you.

Thanks Struggler,





Late last year I added a Ladies Vintage 6 Speed and a Griffon with deep dish wheels to our growing collection for the Mrs and I to ride around our local area (respectively). After a spell with the Griffon as single speed it now has clip pedals and has been flipped and being enjoyed as a full fixie! Love it. 


We both love our Reid's, they have been great, and we are very happy with the quality for the excellent prices. People always come up to me especially re the fixie, but also the Mrs and ask where we got the bikes. Hopefully I have sent some custom your way.  


I see plenty of the Ladies bikes around Surry Hills and in the city, there are even two in our office garage. And they are all still going strong.


Trying to talk the inlaws in SA into buying some too (ulterior motive as I would have something to ride when we fly down to visit).


Keep up the great work.


Andrew K

Thanks AndrewK, we love hearing about happy customer experiences - do drop by the shop if you need any brake/gear adjustments.




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