Hello folks - I've scored a dumped bike and I'm using it for restoration practice before I tackle my 1983 Malvern Star. So I'm a true novice.

I want to remove this cassette from the wheel. I took it to a bike shop and a young dude said it was uncommon. He didn't know what this configuration is called or the tool to remove it (he suggested I come back when a more experienced guy was there).

To avoid biking around with the wheel strapped to my back, I want to phone around. Can anyone tell me what this configuration is called, or the name of the tool which would dismantle it.  

Thank you

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Looks like a cassette I have. I would have expected the guy in the bike shop to recognise it though, so that does some doubt in my mind.

Anyway, there is a spline tool that goes in side the cassette over the axle.

If you can take a photo directly down the axle to show the inside of the cassette I can confirm. might even drag out my blue book and tell you the park tool number if it is what I think.

Thank you Jon. Problem solved with the help of Inner City Cycles in Glebe. 

Turns out it's a freewheel (not a cassette made up of many parts) and the tool is called a freewheel something-or-other. 

PS. Inner City Cycles is under new ownership and he seemed to know his stuff. He removed the freewheel for me and gave me some tips and didnt want a cent.  

Well that does explain why it looks like cassette on my bike, it's a freewheel also.

Just as well the guy removed it for you, they can be extremely tight and hard to get off. Ruined a rim once trying to get one off.

Hello Roisin. If you are interested here a link that explains the difference between freewheels and cassettes from Sheldon Brown's excellent web site on all things bicycle.


I would get an new LBS - shocked to read this


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