Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a place where I can leave the bike during the day, my office doesn’t have bike parking.


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Hi Hector

If no bike rails  in the street near your office (where is it anyway?) you can online request CoS to put some in. But I guess you want something more secure in a basement?  Need to work on your boss or the building owner to find some space. In this day and age etc...

For your boss


Or just ask CoS yourself


As far as on-street parking goes, I'm wondering if the parking rails on Kent St at back of the Town Hall would be the safest in the City, high visibility, has cctv I think.

Thanks Mr President, how r u doing BTW

Sounds like a great facility. Are there others like it around the city?

Good question, although, I'm actually interested to know if that facility still operates as that article was from years back if my memory is right

As it isn't in my 'hood , if anyone can update with some recent pretty pictures it'll be great 

From the second  link in my post above:

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There are more than 2,500 public bike parking spaces in the City.

Secure parking

There are 32 free bicycle parking spaces at Kings Cross Car Park (Level 5) and Goulburn Street Car Park has 9 individual bike cages for casual use. Bring your own lock for both these locations.

Goulburn Street Car Park also has a free secure cage with 24 spaces that can be accessed with a pass. Phone Secure Parking on 02 9211 0013 for more information.

I just rang them and they told me just to come early and bring my own lock and if is there room park there.


Update, this didn’t work, people just left stuff on the cages locked forever, pretty bad

That's pretty sad.

Provide a nice facility, and someone will find a way to abuse it until it spoils it for everyone.

Yes, very annoying.

Thanks PeterT that sounds good


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