I seem to be replacing my bike tail lights a few times every year, either due to the lens/batteries bouncing off, or the whole assembly deciding that it would rather lie on the road somewhere.  After my last tour where I lost yet another tail light, I decided to try to stop it from happening any more.


My replacement light is the type that you can slip on and off the bike or clip to something on your clothes/helmet.  The easiest way to solve the problem was to use a cable tie to hold both the lens and the whole unit in place as shown below.  Now it should remain intact until I want to replace batteries or take it off by cutting the cable tie.

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All those lights that come apart are a pain. They inevitably fill with water, fall apart, or fall off.

I've found the best thing was to get a knog blinder 1.

Its rechargable - plugs into a USB socket with a very smart system that doesn't involve seals or anything.  Unit is completely sealed, you could drop it in a bucket of water, silicon rubber clasp on the seatpost, never goes anywhere, super bright, couple of flash modes.


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