I seem to be replacing my bike tail lights a few times every year, either due to the lens/batteries bouncing off, or the whole assembly deciding that it would rather lie on the road somewhere.  After my last tour where I lost yet another tail light, I decided to try to stop it from happening any more.


My replacement light is the type that you can slip on and off the bike or clip to something on your clothes/helmet.  The easiest way to solve the problem was to use a cable tie to hold both the lens and the whole unit in place as shown below.  Now it should remain intact until I want to replace batteries or take it off by cutting the cable tie.

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I have this same problem - and the same style of light. I've lost two, one in a fight (long story) and the other bounced off the bike on Monday (it was recovered).

On the other hand, think of the service you are providing to others, like me, saving us from unnecessary trips to the LBS to buy lights or further damage to the credit card bottom line. (I reckon you owe that to me.)

I've picked up at least four serviceable tail lights from the roads in recent years and an LED headlight just a couple of weeks ago. I have used so many tail lights and headlights over the years, which have subsequently failed, fallen apart or malfunctioned, that I reckon I already have the correct mount for almost anything anyone will lose.

So, just consider it a form of (f)re(e)cycling.

Don't look on it as damaging the credit card.  Think of it as spending the kid's inheritance in a better way than they would!

I'll give you a tip, spend up big before the next budget hits all of the o/s purchases with GST while the bumbling berties in Cambrraaa make your buying more expensive.

BTW, have you met the cast of the new 2015 series Hogan's Heroes? 

We're in safe hands.

When der shitzen hits der fan vee are here to protect you.

Joseph Hockey as the bumbling Sergeant Schultz
Anthony Abbott as Colonel Klink
Auditions are still in the advanced stages for the role of the US Marine Hogan.

I`ve had the same problem in the past too.

Easiest way is to put the elastic band over it and better than the cable tie.

Lacky bands are prone to breaking and deteriorate rapidly in sunshine. You'd need to replace them about weekly to be sure to be sure to be sure.

But, if you can get some of the thick, red bands the postman throws away in the street still in good condition, they will probably last longer. Being wide, however, those ones can block rather a lot of the output of many tail lights, which is not "a good thing".

Yep, the red one.

No probs, as my rear light is Mars 3.0 from outer alien planet.

The elastic band doesn't have to obscure the light (as the pictured cable tie does).  There is invariably a hole in the 'clip' attachment of the light.  You loop the rubber band through the hole and through itself, pull tight, so that it is now secure on the light.  Then put the hanging rubber band and 'clip' through the saddlebag, and bring the rubber band up and over the entire back light. 

Very secure.  Yes, the rubber will break down in sunlight, but it takes 6 months or more.

colouring in the rubber band with black marker will help protect it from the sun. Though there may be a few types out there which chemically attack the rubber.

Good quality tape.

I use the same lights but clipped to the provided bracket. No issues. It could be that you're trying to clipped it to your saddle bag.
One problem I have had is water ingress, they need a bit of sticky tape under the bottom!

Thanks Dabba and others. In the future, when extolling the virtues of dynamo systems, specifically in the taillight department, I'll mention gaffer tape and zip ties to hold them down are not required. They stay where you put them and do not shake apart. Nor do they get broken when your bike falls over because the light makers made them to fit inside the boundaries of rear carriers. (Not stick out)

Examples are B&M Toplight and AXA Riff. Finer products than I realised.

Dynamo lights, the only way to go.


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