I seem to be replacing my bike tail lights a few times every year, either due to the lens/batteries bouncing off, or the whole assembly deciding that it would rather lie on the road somewhere.  After my last tour where I lost yet another tail light, I decided to try to stop it from happening any more.


My replacement light is the type that you can slip on and off the bike or clip to something on your clothes/helmet.  The easiest way to solve the problem was to use a cable tie to hold both the lens and the whole unit in place as shown below.  Now it should remain intact until I want to replace batteries or take it off by cutting the cable tie.

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I think Dabba already knows this so...why is he messing with stuff that falls apart and falls of? Probably product testing.

The only problem I have found with dynamo lights is that I don't have a dynamo fitted to my bike(s).

And probably never will. Though, as a single-bike randonneur in my youth, I was an avid user of the Sanyo Dynapower with a clever battery back-up system designed and installed by MIA SC-member GarryW.

Battery-powered LED tail lights have the big advantage that they can easily be moved between bikes.

But I have never found fitting them to saddle bags or rack packs to be very satisfactory because they usually bounce all over the place and point everywhere but in the right direction -- straight behind.

On saddle bags, had a pretty good run with velcro cable ties that should really only be used for bundling up computer cables....., a loop back on the clip and over the latch seems to stop most rear lights doing the lemming thing. They can still move about but when they need to do that jumping thing they get caught out before hitting the tar. More an on and off method than Dabbas hard-set cable tie method but you can still change batteries. Cheap and come in fancy colours too.
But yes would like some sort of modern on tyre bottle dynamo type set up for the rear as I don't need any more wheels.
Noel the most annoying thing about most rear lights is not the jumping thing but at destination need to press a button 17 times to turn them off. Whats with this multi LED flickering? On, and then flash /strobe and then off is all I need.

You don't need want any more wheels. But you should already have been supplied a dynamo hub wheel with the last new bike you bought and shouldn't need to go out of your way to get it. The Aussie  bike industry gets away with selling bikes without lights although any bike that is ridden is sometimes ridden when lights are needed. Not just after the sun goes down btw. If lights were a requirement on new bikes then you'd find there would be plenty of options. In Germany where this is taken seriously, bikes at the equivalent of K-Mart and Woolies have dynamo lights.


Annoying thing to press a button many times.......

Why not get the Cygolite Hotshot 2w rear light? It got 2 buttons in which the 1st button is on/off/change setting modes and 2nd button is dimming/brightening modes? All you need is to press once for 3 seconds to turn it off/on.

I`ve had this light on my helmet for 3 years in wet/dry weather and it never had a problem. I`ve attached it by velcro strip on my helmet.

Two buttons!?

Two is one too many buttons for this hipster "simplicity ethos" age.

I have a front light that works thus:

PRESS - on, full power

PRESS - off

PRESS - on, half power

PRESS - off

PRESS - on, strobe

PRESS - off

PRESS - start at the beginning again...

It's the most sensible arrangement I've ever encountered and I'm surprised it isn't the norm for all lights.

You don`t have to turn it off to change modes on Hotshot on the 1st button.

What headlight do you use? That damn pressings is a bugger to operate.

My front light is press-on low.then press again- mid,then press again-high or long press- strobe at any modes.

This sort:

I got it from Bunnings, of all places, on special as a kit including a tail light (a rubbish one from memory, it's probably fallen off at some point) for less than twenty bucks. The first and only time I've seen bike lights there.

It looks like one of those generic China jobs from Deal Extreme or such, but it's a beaut. Plenty bright cree, fantastic zoom and that holder swivels meaning you can place it anywhere (on the underside of drops for example) and still direct the beam where you want it.

Easily slides out, too, making it a very handy hand held torch. Only negative is it uses three AAA's. Disposables work fine for several hours, but would be expensive and environmentally vandalistic over a length of time. The rechargeables I use work great for 10 minutes before beginning a slow fade.

Why buy it from Bunnings, when you can buy cheaper one from Fleabay?

That tail light that comes with it looks shit and cheap.

I'm not endorsing the light, just wanted to completely derail the thread by pointing out its agreeable mode switching.

I'm surprised it's still in their catalogue, I bought mine several years ago.

I doubt I would've bothered if it were priced at $34.07, but less than $20 or whatever I paid for it from my LBS (local Bunnings store) where I could have a jolly good look before buying and return it at my convenience if I didn't like it struck me as a good deal.

Had to provide my own Spiderman , but.

Is this rear light good or not?

Will you please stop dangling your balls of light?



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