Bicycle Network has put together a report on local council expenditure on bike plans. Does not include matching grants etc so reveals the actual commitment out of Council funds. They say the benchmark is $5 per resident per annum and $10 would be desirable. Only CoS and Canada Bay in NSW exceeded the $5 point.

How Does your Council rate ? Could be a good document to give to Councillors.

Or link from

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Only CoS and Canada Bay in NSW exceeded the $5 $10 point.

It is good reading but isn't heavily dependent on the population of the council ?

(yes I skimmed through it, will read deeper later)

It would far better to add the contrast of bike spending vs motoring spending as a percentage so that it can be projected against any stated % that the council want to encourage.

ie putting the $$ where the mouth is.

fail to plan, plan to fail

etc etc

Might email this to my local council and ask them to self rate - it would be interesting to see if they even reply.

My daily commute takes me across 3 councils - Rockdale, Botany Bay, CoS. Might also try and see what Botany has to say.

Pg 51 has a breakdown, but I don't see your Rockdale, Botany Bay or my Canterbury.

And not sure if Mossman is a typo or refers to QLD

According to David Hembrow they spend 30 Euros a head per year in The Netherlands. If you added in the State Govt and Federal contributions here to get an overall figure it might make the picture looks little better but nowhere near 30E (abt $40), which is still not a huge amount to get such excellent results.

Council expenditure on roads is not that big if mine is any guide, all the big stuff on State roads or arterials they get grants from the fRTA. Some roads expenditure benefits cyclists too, like repaving, traffic calming, if done right that is. My council hasa 400K budget for bikes, of which only about one third is their own money. They spend 600K on footpaths, which is cool, and maybe a million on roads, a fair bit of which is from the fRTA, so bikes budget is at least significant, but needs increasing to allow for inflation.

PeterT, you could work it out per hectare as well for your LGA, which is also illuminating.

Seems to be some falsifies in some of those figures, North Sydney is down as spending 50k (which comes out at $0.77 per person) when I thought they only had a 20k or something in the bucket - and putting up barriers, signs etc is not cycling infrastructure.

The 50k must include the fRTA contributions as well.

Still it's sweet fa.


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