Hi....First post so hoping its in the right place....and I have posted in the BNA forum so apologies to anyone who is reading this for a second time.

I am after advice on getting a frame resprayed. I understand that it can be a costly business and being a pensioner I would prefer not to have to spend a huge amount if I can avoid it.

If anyone has any suggestions, other than perhaps doing it myself, which I don't intend trying as the last thing I want it to look like is something that I did myself, I would much appreciate it.


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It might not be cheap. Try Star Enamellers at Bankstown.

Or read it from this SC search bar.

Good luck on your restoration.

Thanks for the info and links Snowy......much appreciated.

I've heard the name Star Enamellers mentioned and will be following up with them next week, so maybe they are the 'go to' guys for resprays.

Thanks again for your time.

No probs,

Or try Powder Coating or keep on search in google.

Doing it yourself isn't expensive, and the results can be surprising:


Note that the bike has since been donated to a friend who rides it most weekends.

Thanks Peter

I'm impressed by the dedication and eye for detail and I admire anyone who has the drive to take on a job like this but somehow I just don't think I could maintain the enthusiasm for such a project.....in fact at my age I'm not sure I'd live long enough to complete it (just kidding...I hope).

I'll think about it and see how I go with finding someone who would do it for me.

Again, thanks for all the info....certainly food for though.

Anyone in Sydney like this? http://www.paintmybike.com.au

 If so, let us know as this question comes up regularly and usual response is "there used to be a guy in.... But he might have moved". 

(There was a great place in Taren Point, a guy did full frame checks, straightening, painting, assembly and disassembly. )

 A visit to the Vintage Bike Day in the velodrome in Tempe in March might be useful too.


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