Just a reminder that the 2014 Ride 2 Riverstone event is happening on Sunday May 4th this year.  Come and join over 400 other riders experiencing some of the best riding that the Hawkesbury and Hills districts of North-Western Sydney have to offer. 

Ride distances are approximately 30, 50, 80 & 100km.  The more challenging climbs are in the 80 & 100km routes.  There are several timing points along the way, so if you're struggling with your chosen route, you'll be diverted onto a slightly shorter route.  The aim is to have everyone back into Riverstone by 12.30pm to enjoy the sit-down lunch (including desert), which is included in the ride entry fee.

There will also be some raffles happening during lunch. 

Early-bird entry is open until April 20th.  On-the-day entries are accepted. 

The ride is organised by the Riverstone and District Lions Club Inc with assistance from the CAMWEST BUG and the RFS.  Fund-raising for the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation is optional but encouraged.

There are also a number of volunteering vacancies.  If you can spare several hours on the day before the ride to help put out signs, the ride-day entry fee will be waived.  If you can hang around after the ride or have spare time over the following couple of days to help take down the signs, we'll pay $1 for each sign delivered back to us in good condtion.  There are several riding volunteer positions available.  There are other non-riding positions available on ride day if you have a non-riding partner or friend that would like to help out, or if you'd like to help out yourself.

See www.ride2riverstone.com.au for full route & entry fee prices and to register.

Feel free to drop me an email at info@ride2riverstone.com.au if you'd like to know about the volunteering positions.

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The R2R fundraising page is up - See http://www.mycause.com.au/events/ride2riverstone

Riders that wish to fundraise can:

  • Make a one-off donation to ALCCRF when they register for the ride (through 'Register Now').  A number of riders have already donated this way - Thanks :)
  • Ask friends/family to make a donation through MyCasue (see link above)
  • Start up their own Fundraising page on MyCause, and ask friends/family to sponsor them or make a donation.

Our total fundraising goal is $15,000 this year.

We're on the srounge for more volunteers for the ride. Please drop an email to info@ride2riverstone.com.au if you would like to assist with any of the volunteering positions below.

The RFS are providing a lot of the route marshaling on the day, but there are other volunteering roles before, during and after the ride that might particularly appeal to cyclists. These roles are listed below:

1. Sector 1 Route Marshals - 10 or so volunteers required : Direct cyclists at intersections along Sector 1 of the route. Riders will be leaving Rivo between 7.30am and 9am. Sector 1 will start to be closed around 9am, and be fully closed by 9.50am (but hopefully earlier). Volunteers would be free to do the rest of the route (but probably only have time to do the 30 or 50km routes unless you are a strong rider). We aim to have all riders back in Riverstone by 12.30 for the sit-down lunch. These volunteers would be entitled to free ride and lunch. Sector 1 is the only possibilility for this option, as all the other sectors are covered again later in the ride (depending on route chosen).

2. Signage Crew - Up to 25 volunteers : Help put out signage (around 450 signs in total) on the day before the ride. All signage crew volunteers can ride free and get lunch on the Sunday. The more vols we get, the quicker it is to get all the signs out!

3. Take down signage after the event: The RFS are planning to take down at least some of the signs, but in order to get them all taken down within a couple of days after the event, we are offering to pay $1 per sign taken down and returned to Riverstone in good condition. A spreadsheet listing the position of the signs will be provided.

4. There is a section of the route that forms a 10km loop. Most of this loop is along shared path. We are looking for several 'Ride Crew' cyclists that do 2 or 3 of these loops and can assist cyclists with simple puncture/mechanical repairs, or if the riders are unable to continue, direct them to the nearest point where the Sweep bus can pick them up. Total riding distance for these riders is anticipated to be up to 35km if they get a lift from a support vehicle both ways between Riverstone and the loop start/finish point, or up to 65km if they also ride both ways between Rivo and the loop start/finish point. One of the major Rest Stops for the event is along the loop. 2 or 3 vols required.

There are also other volunteering options, but these don't included cycling on the day (but do include the free lunch afterwards): Route Marshaling (Telling riders where to go....in the nicest possible way), Driving support vehicles, Helping at the start and finish site or a Rest Stop, helping prepare and serve lunch, setting up the start site the day before the ride, and in the preceding week helping prepare the volunteer bags.

Thanks in advance,

* Team Entry criteria was changed earlier this week.  Instead of a fixed price for a team of up to 10 riders, there is now a discounted price for each rider in a team of between 6 and 40 riders inclusive.

* We had a request for team entries for high school groups.  A special category for school teams has been set up.

* We're still looking for volunteers.  We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in helping out, either in a cycling or non-cycling capacity.

* Early-bird discounts end on April 20th.

- Rob

 - I've started a separate discussion for anyone interested in car pooling to get to the event.

 - Early-bird entry discounts end on Easter Sunday.

Just a reminder that the Rivo ride is happening this Sunday.  Online registrations are still open, or you can register at the start site on Sunday morning (but please allow a little extra time).

Unfortunately we've had to shorten the 50, 80 & 100km routes a little due to Hawkesbury Council undertaking roadworks and closing a section of road we were planning to use.  Still should still be a great day out on the bike though.


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