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I received an email regarding the Ride for Life, which is a fundraising ride for cancer services. It is usually held in Centennial Park. It includes races and a recreational ride. This year "due to increased costs", it is being held at Heffron Park. In light of the recent issue withThe Centennial & Moore Park trusts apparent desire to stop cyclists training in Centennial Park. I am wondering if this is just one step in their campaign?

In any case I hope the ride is a success, though it will be a shame not to hold it in CP!

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I forgot to add the website for the ride is here: http://www.rideforlife.org.au/

Wow, that would be a lot of people to have on the track at Heffron at once unless the numbers have gone down in the last few years. It will be a crashfest

Although that could be said of this ride when it was in Centennial Park where I seem to know alot of people who crashed. 

That's my point..

You think how sketchy it is at Centennial, then add corners and a rough surface

and it's "a lot".... :)

I am wondering what the (not to mention who) increased costs are? It seems just too much of a coincidence that the Centennial & Moore Park Trusts go out of their way to fly the kite regarding speed bumps & cyclists training in Centennial Park & the Ride for Life has to move to Heffron Park due to increased costs.

On another issue do those who may take part in the recreational cycling event otherwise known as the General Public know where Heffron Park is & how to get there?



"I am wondering what the (not to mention who) increased costs are"


Well, surely one would have to assume it's the increased cost of using Centennial Park.


How do you know where Centennial Park is and how to get there ? (that is a rhetorical question by the way.)


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