If we could  look down on Sydney and see all the routes that cyclists ride to work on in one morning, what would it look like?

Hi guys,

I'd like to try and map as many cyclists routes to work as possible in 2 weeks time, on the same morning - 26th March. I've put together a little web page describing what I'd like to do but of course the project needs the help of Sydney cyclists.

Here are the links:



I'd like to put as many of our routes on to one interactive map as possible. I don't quite know what it will show us. It might look like a dollop of spaghetti but it might also highlight the most popular routes to work and the areas which are avoided or have low cycle uptake.

We all have our reasons for choosing a particular route to work and I thought it would be interesting to see on one map how we all ride, a kind of a snapshot in time.

Thanks guys,


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I imagine their may be a few people who are unhappy to publicly post a gpx file that would more or less show their home and work addresses, but I think this sounds pretty cool - I'll try to remember to map my route.

G'day Rob, we have a script to remove the first and last minute of each GPX. A little tip which came through from another rider is that folks could start the log a little ways down the road and stop a minute before work. I popped a little page here explaining: http://www.rideable.org.au/privacy-stuff/

There's a facebook event page too which should remind us all nearer the time - please sign up to it and spread the word. 

If anyone has any other tips let me know - I'll address them all on the weekend which gives plenty of time.

Cheers Rob!


Anyone can find your home and work address as they will appear on any map.

But how can they link it to your identity if you upload it anonymously?

Strava has an open API or you could easily set something using veloviewer with multiple segments (see  veloviewer.com/blog/velo-flow-how-to-and-secret-features-videos/, when its all back up after it was attacked yesterday). 

With some programming skills, you could access the Strava API yourself and pull the data, then use whatever you fancy to develop your day-specific heatmap (like this: http://raceshape.com/heatmap/

The Strava veloviewer is amazing, is hard to imagine a better way of capturing the data than what it already does.

Added benefit of capturing a huge number of riders not just those that read this post and then send in the data files.

I was going to suggest this too. In fact, this is exactly what I did for all my London commutes before I moved to Sydney: http://vimeo.com/46738228

I'm currently working on one for the Sydney to Gong ride.

I saw comment that Strava is capturing 10-20% of cyclists across survey sites in Brisbane now. Obviously there a few limitations to this approach, but since terms were not very defined its not too bad and I didn't really feel like learning the API (I had pizza to cook!).

Nice project, I'll send one in assuming I can ride that day.

I'll send the GPSx through a trimmer first to remove exact start / finish

Nice project. I ride everyday, but never bother mapping it. Hopefully I'll remember to turn my phone on that day.

Looking forward to seeing the results.

nice project and believe it or not it's extra motivation for me to make it a point to do a full ride with GPS data that day.oh, and to actually get out of the door by 8am! :)

can you redo the title to add the exact date please - thanks

Thanks Peter - updated with date.

sounds good, count me in....do you want the return leg too? in/out are slightly different.


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