Here we go, some good news.

The government is abandoning the policy they announced last year to require all bike riders to carry mandatory ID.

Maybe we are turning the corner?

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I would like to think so, and in a sense we are.

That said, I don't believe this is indicative of an attitude change within the regime.

Rather, they worked out just as we did that there were very difficult legislative impediments.

Of course, Dunce is trying to spin it as if it's not a complete embarrassment to him and his ideological obsession:

'This "alternative solution struck the right balance between safety and convenience," Mr Gay said.'

The "alternative" solution is to "encourage" cyclists to carry ID, which 93% already do, according to statistics plucked from the air by Bicycle NSW.

I'm thinking there could be "alternative" solutions for other controversial anti-cycling measures...

"Maybe we are turning the corner?"

hopefully not into oncoming Dunce traffic

The ID was never gonna fly. The only surprising thing about this back down is that they didn't announce it in the quiet of the xmas/new year break or just let it slide and hope everybody had forgotten it was ever proposed.

I suspect it's part of a general house cleaning by the Baird government. The odium surrounding them just now is massive and something they're quite unfamiliar with. They look like they're packing it and there's a panicky air about this announcement: the fact they forced Dunc to make it now rather than burying the embarrassment under a bucket load of other announcements suggests to me they're all distancing themselves from Dunc and/or pinning the blame on him  --  laying the groundwork to justify his dumping.

Dunc's dumping would be good news because the excesses of the new rules and imbalance of the fines etc are clearly the work of the obstinate old fool. He must be spewing right about now for having to had so prominently make this announcement, but there's no way all the other appalling Dunc measures will ever be rescinded while he's still minister.

The way this happened is interesting, but will only be genuinely good news if it foreshadows Dunc's departure, but even then, we can't be sure his replacement will be any better...

Really, really super duper extra excellent good news, would be if in a cabinet reshuffle they separated bicycles from the roads ministry, shoving it in an "urban" or transport or "local area" ministry.

TfNSW seems to be running the bicycle show now Trevor, RMS just act as blockers when they can. Can't say TfNSW are up to much, given examples like the airport cycleway driveway issue (how is that going btw?) and Lilyfield Rd, where right hand has no idea what left hand is doing and they are just as inpenetrable when it comes to dealing with them.

Anyway, good news on the ID issue.

Last time I went thru Airport Drive the lanterns seemed to have been reprioritised more in favour of cyclists.

They improved it in June, but I don't think they followed the original requirement to defaulting to green for cyclists, i.e per what you posted on March 11 quoting TfNSW's Ben Cebuliak

There are a lot better in the mornings, a little better of an evenings. But overall a big improvement on what they were originally.

Yeah, you're right, of course (sigh).

I guess the only hope is a change of government... anyone up for staging a coup?

Airport Drive has definitely improved. Our club bunch rides through there on Wed morning - we still get stopped 50% of the time but often we can see the green lantern ahead with cars waiting to turn left and it changes. Still better than it was at the start. 

"they separated bicycles from the roads ministry"

And funded it, and required RMS to actually do the safe things that they are supposed to do in new road construction.

I get sick of their "stakeholder consultations" being just box ticking exercises and have them leaving in the dangerous cycling treatments to new structures that are highlighted by myself and others as being dangerous. We need a "Donald Trump" for cycling to drain the RMS swamp!

Dabba, G'day. Another Donald Trump!

The closest time Donald came to draining the swamp, was when he conned stupid American voters to vote for him.

Already he has engaged swamp creatures to his economic and financial team, including a treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, a former partner from the deepest part of the swamp, from Goldman Sachs  and a billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson, as well several other billionaires. Too many to name. The swamp is refilling fast.



I still think that this will be another case of a Vice President serving out the term as President.


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