I've just arrived in Sydney having both seen and heard that it is rated as the second worst city on the planet to ride in (Washington DC is first).


Is it really? Have Australian drivers become that bad in the several years I've been living out of the country?

What are your thoughts on this?

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I could have sworn Sydneys worse than Washington DC.


But its not so bad if you know where your going and what your dealing with and things are improving quickly.


There are some black spots and some idiots. The traffic environment is reasonably hostile here but congestion certainly works in our favour once people actually get on bikes.

Here when people don't live too far away and start riding to work once or twice a week, its normally not long until they realise its the quickest, cheapest and fastest way to get to work.

City of Sydney does free cycling in the city courses if your interested.


I have ridden in lots of cities in Australia and in other countries and I don't find Sydney to be worse or better than other cities. Each city is different and as a cyclist you need to ride with the conditions.


BTW, I am interested who told you that it is second worse city to ride in.

Kim, it was a study done about a couple of years ago by a US university.

There was a newspaper article some months ago which a US lecturer staying in Sydney said that Sydney was dangerous but that was his personal opinion and not a 'study'. Is that what you read?

No, it was an actual report that was linked in a thread on the cyclingnews forum

If you ever find the link, it would be great if you can post it. I would like to read it.

It really isn't that bad and it is definitely heading in the right direction. Most of my riding in Sydney itself is when I'm passing through to get somewhere else, so I can generally get away with predominantly using the separated cycleways, so that makes things quite pleasant, really. Out on the streets if you ride defensively/sensibly, it isn't too bad. Most of the time the traffic is never going to go faster than a cyclist can ride, which removes a certain element of anti-cyclist agro. The respect for a cyclist's space that exist in some other places isn't as widespread, but I really think that the problem drivers are a very small minority.

the newly built cycleways do help. Leaving the city from work on my commute home I get onto the kent st cycleway and ride that all the way to the harbour bridge....in peak hour it's nice having your own little lane......


I loved cloover moore for making it free for motorbikes to park awhile ago, now that i cycle I have to say I love her even more.!

What do you mean by "Sydney itself"? In Australia, when we refer to Sydney we usually mean the whole city+suburbs, ie,
everything before you're out in the countryside. Otherwise you have the CBD, the inner-city (ie, inner suburbs) and the outer suburbs. They all have their own characteristics, and none is great for cycling, but they're all do-able. The closer to the CBD you go, the more cyclists you'll see, although the CBD itself doesn't have that many.
Colin, I'm meaning Sydney in general. The "itself" is just a turn of phrase
It is really a piece of cake, we just like to moan a lot so people think we must be really tough to manage to survive in the worlds worst cycling city, it gets easier the further out from the central city area too. Oh and welcome, check out the up coming events, many of us will be converging on Parramatta on 24th for 350.org ride, you can get some unbiased views there and some tips. Good luck with the riding.
To answer your question, I think it is total b/s.


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